Saturday 29 March 2014

Obama overlooks human rights abuse in Saudi Arabia

Gasoline Ally: Saudi oil keeps US loyal

Billions of dollars' worth of trade are behind the close bond between Washington and Riyad. The U.S. has of course been supporting Saudi Arabia with military supplies, while a large share of America's oil imports come from the Gulf Kingdom. Here's RT's Anastasia Churkina with more on ties between the nations.

Violation Kingdom: US, Saudi ties tighten amidst human rights outcry

The US President is on his way to Saudi Arabia to meet King Abdullah. The countries enjoy a close relationship, and the talks are unlikely to touch on human rights violations in the Arab nation. One such case is that of a former Saudi diplomat - seeking asylum in the US, after coming out as gay. RT has been closely following his story, and Gayane Chichakyan now brings us the latest. It's easy to understand why returning home is not an option for the former diplomat. Being gay in Saudi Arabia leads to capital punishment. You can also find yourself on the wrong side of the law in the kingdom by posting on Twitter. Earlier this month, two Saudis received lengthy prison sentences for their activity on the microblogging site. Saudi Arabia enforces rigid rules of conduct for women - who are banned from travelling alone, driving, or talking to male non-relatives and are often subjected to domestic violence. Daoud Khairallah, international law professor at Georgetown University, believes the dire rights situation in Saudi Arabia is there to stay...

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