Thursday 28 February 2019

Trump-Kim talks break down in Vietnam

Trump-Kim summit ends with 'no agreement reached' as nuclear talks in Hanoi break down

'Sometimes you have to walk', says Donald Trump

28 February, 2019

Hopes of a swift breakthrough between North Korea and the US on denuclearisation have been dashed, as talks between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un broke up early and the White House said no deal had been reached.

Just hours after Mr Kim had smiled for the cameras and instead he “would not be there” if his county were not prepared to scrap its nuclear arsenal, word broke that talks were ending hours early. There was various speculation as to what had caused the discussions, but no official word from either side.

The two leaders discussed various ways to advance denuclearisation and economic driven concepts,” said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. “No agreement was reached at this time, but their respective teams look forward to meeting in the future.”

As Ms Sanders made her announcement and Mr Trump prepared to hold a press conference to explain what had happened, the motorcades of the two leaders sped away from the Hotel Metropole where the two sides had been meeting 
The news came as a shock, especially given the positive body language between the two men and the positive statements from the 35-year-old North Korean leader. Asked if he was ready to denuclearise his country, he said: “If I'm not willing to do that I won't be here right now.”

Mr Kim also said he was keen for the US to open a liaison office in the North, something Mr Trump also backed.

Earlier, in what is believed to have been his first response to a question from a foreign reporter, Mr Kim was asked if he was hopeful of doing a deal with the US. “It’s too early to say. I would not say I’m pessimistic,” he said.

For his part, Mr Trump sought to again temper any expectations of any substantial or rapid agreement between the two countries.

Kim Jong Un says 'it's too early to tell' when asked about denuclearisation deal but 'does have a feeling good results will come out'

I’ve been saying very much from the beginning that speed is not that important to me. Speed is not important to me. What is important is that we do the right deal,” he said.

Ahead of the meeting, analysts warned not to expect any major breakthrough, suggesting that persuading North Korea to give up its nuclear arsenal would likely take years and require a number of commitments and assurances from from the US and the international. The experience of Saddam Hussein, who had long given up his nation’s nuclear arsenal and Muammar Gaddafi, who voluntarily gave up Libya, might suggest North Korea’s leverage comes by holding onto its weapons.

Trump reveals low ambitions for North Korea summit but gushes over Kim
Experts said Mr Kim would want to see an easing of sanctions before he country went as far as to shut down a reactor or something as concrete.

For his part, Mr Trump, desperate for a victory overseas as headlines back home are dominated by harmful allegations leveled by his former lawyer Michael Cohen, was oddly temperate.

We’ll tell you what’s true. You can form your own view.

Pakistan is moving troops and nuclear weapons

This is a very good analyis of the conflict between India and Pakistan. Once again, Hal Turner is one of the few even talking about this.

The following information still has to be confirmed.

When I was growing up it was the Left that opposed the corporations, marched against war and opposed nuclear weapons.

Now they seem to have nothing to say about any of this.

I find it supremely ironic that I have to look to a “right-wing bastard” like Hal Turner to talk about something that is both extremely worrying and practically ignored by the entire media

Is war coming between India and Pakistan?

This show outlined the events taking place between India and Pakistan, and revealed to the world for the first time anywhere, that Pakistan has begun moving Transporter-Erector-Launcher trucks CARRYING NUCLEAR-ARMED MISSILES, out of their storage depots.

In addition, Pakistan today ordered 50,000 troops to depart their facilities in Balochistan, heading for the India Border.

India, for its part, has turned over control of National Highway 1-A to their military. This is the northernmost east-west Highway in India. The ONLY reason to do something like that is to create a military logistics supply train for war against Pakistan.

Moreover, India has had a non-stop train of C-17 Globemaster III military cargo aircraft shuttling troops and warfighting gear toward the Pakistan Border. India has begun rationing fuel to preserve supplies for Military and police, and ordered full, complete and absolute distribution of ALL FOOD in government warehouses, to merchants so their people will have food . . . . when . . . .

All signs and events taking place in both India and Pakistan point to actual war.

If these NUCLEAR-ARMED countries engage in a nuclear exchange, the radiation and smoke will reach the east coast of the USA within 72 Hours, and will cover all 48 contiguous states within another 72 Hours. The show outlined HOW TO PREPARE and what to do when those who fail/refuse to prepare, come screeching for your help because THEY failed to act.

Here is the first hour of the show in which he gives background and reporting of events.

The truth about Pakistan

Robert Fisk Tells The Reality of Pakistan

Robert Fisk (born 12 July 1946) is an English writer and journalist from Maidstone, Kent. As Middle East correspondent of The Independent, he has primarily been based in Beirut for more than 30 years. He has published a number of books and reported on several wars and armed conflicts.

Pakistan's chief decision maker, Imran Khan did cocaine

Pakistan's Imran Khan did cocaine and claims to have Indian children, ex-wife Reham says

Reham Khan's eponymous tell-all memoir was published this week

13 July, 2018

  • Reham Khan's eponymous tell-all memoir was published this week
  • Book makes startling claims about former cricket star
  • Imran Khan's party is a major contender in the upcoming general elections in Pakistan

Imran Khan, the Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician, did cocaine, pleasured himself to "images of male bodies" while married, and claimed he had five illegitimate children, including Indians -- or at least, that's what one of his ex-wives is saying.

Reham Khan's eponymous tell-all memoir was published this week. When a manuscript of the book was leaked online, several leaders of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party (PTI) -- which Imran leads -- accused Reham of being part of an"agenda" ahead of this month's polls. A Dawn newspaper article notes that her book's timing "will always be questioned. After all, its election time."

Imran Khan has been married three times. His first marriage in 1995, with Jemima Goldsmith, lasted nine years. They have two sons. Imran's marriage to Reham Khan, a former TV anchor, lasted 10 months. And this year, he married Bushra Maneka, his spiritual advisor.

Kamran Khan, the editor-in-chief of the Dunya Media Group, said the details in Reham's "365-page" book were "vivid" and "mind-boggling", and said the PTI should sue her "ASAP". Reham's response: "It's 563 pages not 365 pages. You are clearly reading an edited pirated version. Please pay for the original book with your rather hefty salary."

So what exactly does the book claim about the man who wants to succeed Shahid Khaqan Abbasi as Pakistan's prime minister? Read on to find out.


Reham Khan says that early in her marriage with Imran, when they were talking about Tyrian White (who she claims is "universally accepted as Imran's love child"), the former cricket star said, "You know she isn't the only one I have....There are five in total, that I know of."

He said the mothers informed him, Reham claims. "Some are Indians. The eldest is 34 now," she quotes him as saying.

Imran, she adds, said one of the mothers "had been married for ages and couldn't get pregnant. She was overjoyed, promised to keep it a secret, and begged to keep it. So I said OK."

When she asked about the others, Reham claims, Imran said they never spoke up because they were married and "didn't want their marriages to be destroyed" -- and that Jemima Goldsmith knew about the children.


Reham writes that "Imran would frequently say that I shouldn't worry about his addiction because he needed a partner to do the drug...Whenever I would find traces and look disappointed, or panic about his health, he would gently say, "Baby, what do you know about drugs? You haven't done it. A line of coke [cocaine] is just like half a glass of wine"."

"The line was repeated often and was each time received with the same rolling of the eyes."

She says Khan's cousin once "delivered the banned drug Rohypnol right in front of me (also known to me as the date-rape drug). What I did not know was that the drug was not used as an aid to sleep, but as a way of assisting the comedown after the last line of coke. It helped prevent the jaw-clenching, and calm a person down so that they may get some sleep."

She later adds: "I became accustomed to checking his yellow cylindrical pill container several times a day to see what he was taking. The typical day's cocktail would generally consist of half an ecstasy tablet and one or two lumps of coke, followed by two to three sedatives at night."


Reham recounts how a friend of hers didn't realise she was married to a gay man, thinking instead that she wasn't good-looking. "I missed a lot of similar signs during my marriage," she writes.

What were these "signs"? Reham says Imran "would quickly notice and appreciate attractive men", claims she was "disturbed" by the manner in which he "spoke fondly of Saqlain Mushtaq, the Pakistani spinner known for his cute boyish smile", and speaks of his "affection" for a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf lawmaker. There was also, she says, the "long-term, live-in relationship" with one Moby, whom Imran would "refer a wife".

Once, she says, "while cleaning the bottom-left drawer of my husband's side table, I found empty cigar cases and huge tubes of KY jelly [a lubricant used during sex]. When I asked what they were for, Imran explained that the lubricant and the metal cases were used together. His 'preference' became clear."

She narrates how "it was embarrassing to walk into the bedroom of a husband who was pleasuring himself to images of male bodies while his wife was busy cooking in the kitchen". Imran's explanation, she says, was that he "was seriously thinking of having surgical enhancement as he felt he could do with another two inches".

Reham also claims she saw sexually explicit text messages from two women PTI leaders, Andaleeb Abbas and Uzma Kardar, on her husband's phone.

"He told me that Andaleeb was an alcoholic. Supposedly, she would hit the bottle at that time of the night, and it meant nothing. "Baby, please don't make an issue and come back to bed," he said casually, and rolled back to sleep."

Uzma Kardar, Reham says, "was not only in the habit of regularly sending him [Imran] images of her genitalia but would force her way to stand or sit next to him, even in my presence".

Miscellany from India-Pakistan

Unconfirmed reports of fighting in Poonch

Pakistani airspace has been closed

State of emergency in Karachi

Emergency imposed in Karachi on administration basis as the situation between Pakistan and India gets worse. Control rooms also formed in Sindh for better coordination. 

False Flag on Colombia-Venezuela bridge

Burning Aid: Apparent Deception on Colombia-Venezuela Bridge

Marco Rubio and coup leaders are accusing the Venezuelan National Guard, but Max Blumenthal lines up opposing evidence.

By Max Blumenthal in Caracas

Consortium News,
27 February, 2019

The Trump administration’s coup against Venezuela culminated on Feb. 23 with U.S.-backed opposition attempting to ram several trucks loaded with boxes of USAID“humanitarian aid” across the previously unused Francisco de Paula Santander bridge connecting Colombia to Venezuela.

The trucks failed to reach the other side — but that was never really the point of the stunt. As Father Sergio Munoz, a right-wing Venezuelan activist posted on the Colombian side of the border, explained to journalist Dan Cohen, the humanitarian “aid” was a purely symbolic provocation aimed at discrediting Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro in international eyes and generating waves of destabilizing violence.
By the end of the day, the trucks lined up on the Francisca de Paula Santander bridge were flanked by gangs of guarimberos.

These were the nihilistic masked youth who form the shock troops of the right-wing opposition, and who placed Caracas under siege with violent barricade protests, known as guarimbas, at several points between 2014 and 2017. A mob of guarimberos burned to death Orlando Figuera, a 22-year old black Venezuelan accused of supporting Maduro, on an eastern Caracas street in broad daylight, back in June 2017.

On the Santander bridge this Feb. 23, the guarimberos rained down a hail of rocks and molotov cocktails on Venezuelan national guardsmen holding the line against the USAID trucks. Suddenly, the trucks caught fire and the masked youth began unloading boxes of aid before they burned. Within minutes, pro-opposition media reported that the Venezuelan national guard forces were responsible for the fires.

A reporter for the private anti-government channel NTN24 claimed without evidence that the Venezuelan security forces had caused the fires with tear gas:

Another false flag at the border with Colombia. A "reporter" from @NTN24ve (opposition tv known for fake news) said a truck went on fire because the Venezuelan police launched tear gas. Let me know if you've seen tear gas burn a truck before

The claim was absurd on its face. I have personally witnessed tear gas canisters hit every kind of vehicle imaginable in the occupied Palestinian West Bank, and I have never seen a fire like the one that erupted on the Santander bridge.

In 2013, the San Bernadino Sheriff’s Department deployed special incendiary teargas canisters (“burners”) to torch the house where fugitive cop killer Chris Dorner had holed up. But it is highly unlikely that the Venezuelan national guardsmen had anything like this weapon in their arsenal when they confronted the rioters on Feb. 23.

The total lack of evidence of Venezuelan culpability did not stop Cuban-American Sen. Marco Rubio from tweeting this accusation from nearby in Cucuta, Colombia:
They may not realize it yet but today the Maduro Regime made it easier to isolate them internationally.

After today it will be difficult for nations to remain neutral. And for their allies to continue to support it defend them. (Cont)

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who is facing calls for her own resignation after video appeared of her condescendingly browbeating a group of environmentalist children, repeated Rubio’s baseless allegation, using it to call for Maduro to step down.

By blaming the Venezuelan government for burning the USAID trucks, Rubio was clearly attempting to establish the casus belli he had been seeking. Yet neither he nor anyone in the “whole world” had seen the national guard set the fire, as he claimed. In fact, the evidence pointed in the exact opposite direction, suggesting that the masked opposition youth had torched the trucks themselves.

Colombian writer Humberto Ortiz produced footage from a pro-opposition channel showing what appears to be the exact moment when a guarimbero sets the aid on fire with a molotov cocktail:

Creo que @NoticiasUno nos puede ayudar a aclarar si la molotov lanzada por este muchacho pudo causar el incendio del camión.

Telesur reporter Madelein Garcia published photographs showing a guarimbero with a gas canister next to one of the burning trucks:

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

1. | en @teleSURtv aquí las evidencias de quienes quemaron el camión con supuesta ayuda humanitaria en , fueron los mismo guarimberos

Drone footage also published by Garcia shows how far away the trucks were from Venezuelan national guardsmen when they caught fire, and demonstrates that they were clearly on the Colombian side of the border:

2. Ahora veamos las imágenes aéreas este fue justo el momento cuando quemaron los camiones
Even Bloomberg News, which has run a relentless stream of pro-opposition reports, published video showing guarimberos on the bridge making molotov cocktails, which could easily set a truck cabin or its cargo alight:

MORE: The bus activists hijacked was set on fire as protests continue to turn violent in Ureña
MORE: A member of the Venezuelan army defects during clashes at the Simon Bolívar border bridge. The defector was dragged to a building of the Colombian Migration office and protected by the Colombian police

Meanwhile, the International Red Cross issued a statement condemning Venezuelan opposition activists disguising themselves as Red Cross workers – a blatant breach of humanitarian protocol. A screenshot from pro-opposition NTN24 coverage shows a fake Red Cross worker near one of the burning trucks:

Days ago, self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaidó announced that he would lead a “human wave” across the bridge and into Venezuela. But as darkness fell on Feb. 23, Guaido found himself at a stormy press conference with other right-wing, U.S.-aligned Latin American leaders. By his side was Colombian President Ivan Duque, who repeated the evidence-free allegation that Venezuelan security forces had burned the aid trucks.

Having failed miserably at every phase of the coup he had attempted to engineer, Rubio ended the day with a Twitter tantrum that peaked with a call for multilateral actions against Venezuela’s government. What form that action could take is still unclear, but it will certainly be justified by a series of baseless claims about what took place on the Santander bridge.

Max Blumenthal is an award-winning journalist and the author of books including best-selling Republican Gomorrah,” Goliath,” The Fifty One Day War and The Management of Savagery,” which will be published in March 2019 by Verso. He has also produced numerous print articles for an array of publications, many video reports and several documentaries including Killing Gaza and Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie.” Blumenthal founded the Grayzone Project in 2015 to shine a journalistic light on America’s state of perpetual war and its dangerous domestic repercussions.