Monday 31 March 2014


Turkey: 8 Dead, Power Blackouts, and Reports of Election Fraud

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Mainstream media is reporting that 8 are dead and 18 wounded in clashes over the election in Turkey today, although the exact circumstances remain unclear. 

Power outages are reported in over 40 cities across Turkey. The power outages started as election ballots were being counted. 

Journalists and election monitors report being refused access to film or observe the ballots being counted at several counting stations. 

There were also reports and photographs of overwhelmingly opposition party marked ballots being burned and discarded in the trash. 

Burning ballots is part of the normal procedure for a contested ballot; however, reports are that mainly opposition party ballots were burned and way more discarded ballots were discovered than the official contested ballots number. 

There are also reports that AKP party members surrounded vote counting stations in Istanbul. Later reports on Twitter allege that AKP party members attacked the Today's Zaman newspaper headquarters (alleged to be controlled by Gulen).

Reports of election fraud and voter intimidation can be seen here:

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Photo is of current reported power outages in Turkey.

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