Tuesday 31 May 2016

Hillary Clinton Accused of Racketeering by the FBI

The Criminalization of Politics: Hillary Accused of Racketeering by the FBI, Will She be Dumped from the Presidential Race?

Prof Michel Chossudovsky

30 May, 2016

In a recent release, the FBI has indicated that it will be presenting a recommendation to Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the Department of Justice:

James Comey and The FBI will present a recommendation to Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the Department of Justice, that includes a cogent argument that the Clinton Foundation is an ongoing criminal enterprise engaged in money laundering and soliciting bribes in exchange for political, policy and legislative favors to individuals, corporations and even governments both foreign and domestic.”  (quoted by Frank Huguenand, Global Research, May 30, 2016)
There are several possible scenarios which affect the outcome of the presidential campaign.
The fundamental question is whether this recommendation –which documents the criminal undertakings of the Clinton Foundation– will be carried out by the Attorney General.
Loretta Lynch was appointed Attorney General by president Obama in 2010 during his first term. Of significance, Lynch also held the position of U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York under the Bill Clinton administration (1999-2001).
Moreover, as pointed out in a recent article by Jerome Corsi, Loretta Lynch is political crony of the Clintons:
But little known is the fact that Lynch was a litigation partner for eight years at a major Washington law firm that served the Clintons.
Lynch was with the Washington-headquartered international law firm Hogan & Hartson LLP from March 2002 through April 2010.
According to documents Hillary Clinton’s first presidential campaign made public in 2008, Hogan & Hartson’s New York-based partner Howard Topaz was the tax lawyer who filed income tax returns for Bill and Hillary Clinton beginning in 2004.
In addition, Hogan & Hartson in Virginia filed a patent trademark request on May 19, 2004, for Denver-based MX Logic Inc., the computer software firm that developed the email encryption system used to manage Clinton’s private email server beginning in July 2013. A tech expert has observed that employees of MX Logic could have had access to all the emails that went through her account.
The appointment of Attorney General Loretta Lynch, 2010
It is, therefore, highly unlikely that Lynch will follow the recommendation of James Comey and the FBI.
Nonetheless, even if the indictment is NOT carried out, inevitably Hillary Clinton’s “credibility” as a presidential candidate is in jeopardy.
Hillary: “Losing Horse”
The corporate media may attempt to cover up or distort the findings of the FBI and manipulate public opinion with a view to supporting Hillary’s candidacy.
A process of smearing the FBI is already ongoing. Will it  succeed? Hillary’s reputation has been tainted. A suspected criminal cannot become president of the USA, whether the legal procedure against her is carried out or not.
And the Donald Trump campaign will go into high gear to discredit Hillary Clinton.
Under these circumstances, the Democratic Party hierarchy (not to mention Hillary’s corporate sponsors) may decide to dump Hillary Clinton. Hillary’s Wall Street cronies will not bet their money on a “losing horse”.
Assuming Clinton falls out of the presidential race, what happens?
This scenario has already been contemplated and carefully rehearsed ahead of Hillary’s demise. 
Will the nomination go to Bernie Sanders or will Joe Biden formally enter the race as a “slip in” candidate:
If Clinton’s email-related problems get worse or other developments sink her popularity far below even Trump’s, causing her to step aside, Biden, as a more establishment figure than Sanders, would be the party’s likely choice as a “slip-in” candidate and an almost certain winner against Trump.Notwithstanding these various scenarios, Donald Trump is ahead in the presidential race. (Chicago Tribune, May 27, 2016)
The Criminalization of Politics
While Hillary, according to the FBI, is allegedly involved in money laundering and soliciting bribes, Donald Trump’s candidacy is also fragile, given his alleged links to organized crime as documented by David Cay Johnston:
But Trump was not clean as a whistle. Beginning three years earlier, he’d hired mobbed-up firms to erect Trump Tower and his Trump Plaza apartment building in Manhattan, including buying ostensibly overpriced concrete from a company controlled by mafia chieftains Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno and Paul Castellano. That story eventually came out in a federal investigation, which also concluded that in a construction industry saturated with mob influence, the Trump Plaza apartment building most likely benefited from connections to racketeering. Trump also failed to disclose that he was under investigation by a grand jury directed by the U.S. attorney in Brooklyn, who wanted to learn how Trump obtained an option to buy the Penn Central railroad yards on the West Side of Manhattan.
Why did Trump get his casino license anyway? Why didn’t investigators look any harder? And how deep did his connections to criminals really go? (Politico, May 22, 2016)
Dirty politics. So much for Democracy and “We the People”.
The Criminalization of Politics in America: The leading presidential candidates, Hillary and Donald, have shaky records, with alleged links to criminal wrongdoings.
What choice is left? Revolution. Regime Change in the US…

The FBI will “Blow the Whistle” if Hillary Clinton is not Indicted. “They’re Going Public”

Bombshell Announcement by U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay

By Kosar
Global Research, May 30, 2016

30 May, 2016

This is bombshell announcement! Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) just shared damning news for Hillary Clinton on The Steve Malzberg Show just now:

The FBI is ready to indict Hillary Clinton and if its recommendation isn’t followed by the U.S. attorney general, the agency’s investigators plan to blow the whistle and go public with their findings, former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay tells Newsmax TV.
I have friends that are in the FBI and they tell me they’re ready to indict,” DeLay said Monday on “The Steve Malzberg Show.”
They’re ready to recommend an indictment and they also say that if the attorney general does not indict, they’re going public.”
Clinton is under FBI investigation for her use of a private server to conduct confidential government business while she was secretary of state. But some Republicans fear any FBI recommendation that hurts Clinton will be squashed by the Obama administration.
DeLay, a Texas Republican and Washington Times radio host, said:
One way or another either she’s going to be indicted and that process begins, or we try her in the public eye with her campaign. One way or another she’s going to have to face these charges.”
Team Hillary is already admitting this will likely happen.
Amazingly, the Clinton campaign has been busy accusing Obama’s intelligence Inspector General, Charles McCullough, of coordinating releases of information to help Republicans. (!) McCullough’s investigations found Clinton was sharing documents which were “beyond top secret”… a crime that should not only disqualify Hillary Clinton from the White House, but should carry a lengthy prison sentence!
Here is Tom DeLay sharing the major news:

Alberta wildfires update - 05/30/2016

Suncor partially restarts Fort McMurray ops as Alberta wildfire grows to cover 579 946 ha

30 May , 2016

Even as the Alberta wildfires continued to rage out of control, oil sands major Suncor Energy over the weekend announced that it has started the safe and staged restart of in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB), with initial production from its Firebag in situ facility early last week.

Start-up activities were also reported to be well underway at Base Plant and the MacKay River in situ facility and, subject to conditions in the region, Suncor expected initial production by the end of this week.

Suncor said it had moved more than 4 000 employees and contractors back into the region, including workers building the massive Fort Hills project, and expected add about a further 3 500 workers this week to support its return to operations.

The company reported no damage to its assets, mainly attributable to all sites having enhanced fire mitigation and protection. Critical third-party pipeline and power infrastructure required to support the start-up had been restored.

Services and accommodations for employees and contractors had been established following approval for occupation of its lodges from Alberta Health Services on Friday.

Suncor also stated that its majority-held Syncrude operation was also in the process of planning its return to operations.


The Alberta government over the weekend reported that the wildfires that had caused a supply disruption of about 1.5-million barrels of crude a day from Alberta, to remain out of control and to have grown to cover at least 579 946 ha, including spreading across the provincial border to Saskatchewan.

As on Saturday, there were 14 active wildfires in Alberta, with one in Fort McMurray out of control.

There were about 2 292 firefighters, 90 helicopters, 273 pieces of heavy equipment and 20 air tankers currently battling the fires across Alberta, where three states of emergency had been declared in the affected communities.

Wildfire crews from across the world were supporting the firefight, including 298 firefighters from South Africa, 199 firefighters from the US, 113 firefighters from British Columbia, 84 firefighters from Ontario, 48 firefighters from the Northwest Territories, 29 firefighters from Parks Canada, one firefighter from Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre (CIFFC), seven firefighters from New Brunswick, 34 firefighters from Saskatchewan, two firefighters from Manitoba and 19 firefighters from Newfoundland/Prince Edward Island.

With higher humidity in the forecast and the potential for showers, it was expected that firefighting conditions would improve through the weekend.


An Air Canada flight chartered by the CIFFC on Sunday flew out of South Africa’s Oliver Tambo International Airport for the first time ever, carrying about 300 firefighters to help combat the Alberta wildfires.

The Boeing 777 was reported to have carried the largest number of wildland firefighters ever brought into Canada, who arrived in Edmonton in high spirits, singing and chanting.

We are proud of our South African fire fighters from our Working on Fire programme and we no doubt believe that they will do us proud to provide these essential services to Canada. We are immensely proud of the fact that the international firefighting community has recognised the skills and expertise within Working on Fire to provide essential integrated fire management services at an international level,” Working on Fire MD Llewellyn Pillay stated.

A senseless murder


Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

Harambe is dead because an irresponsible and negligent mother allowed her 4-year old son to fall into a Gorilla enclosure.

Think about that for a moment.

This mother allowed her “4-year old ” son to climb over a fence and approach a 15 foot drop onto a concrete floor. Forget about the fact that there was a gorilla down there, what the hell was she doing while her child made his way towards what could be a fatal fall.

She should be charged with criminal negligence and child abuse.

As a parent I find it incomprehensible that another parent would stand there and do nothing but scream. I would have immediately and without hesitation have jumped into that enclosure to protect my child, no matter the risks and It would not have been the gorilla that would worry me but rather the consequence of the 15-foot drop. But again as a parent I can’t even imagine how a 4-year old child was able to wander away . Was she texting someone or chatting on her cell phone?

Now this woman wants us to respect her privacy. She thanked the Lord for delivering her baby back to her. Well woman, it was not the Lord. Harambe was trying to help your child until some idiots with guns decided to settle the issue the way most police and security in America tend to settle an issue – with deadly force.

Harambe is dead, a day after his 17th birthday, because the people who run the Cincinnati Zoo are grossly incompetent. If they had any knowledge and understanding about lowland gorillas they would have quickly observed that Harambe meant no harm to the child and was in fact protecting him.

What we saw was an incredible act of compassion by a gorilla for a human child. An act of kindness and concern that was rewarded with a bullet.

Harambe is dead because of a bunch of ignorant human gawkers kept screaming, thus motivating the horrific response. Where were the keepers? Surely they could see that Harambe was not behaving violently. What kind of ignorant and incompetent cowards do they have working at that damn zoo anyhow?

Harambe is dead because zoos are no place for wild animals to be imprisoned.

Harambe should have been in the lowland jungles of Africa, with his own kind doing what gorillas were born to do and that means being a gorilla, not some character in a freak show so a bunch of gawking ignorant anthropocentric hominids can stare, tease, laugh, and take selfies.

I swear it is incidents like these that make me see how utterly pathetic and clueless human beings can be.

The killing of Harambe was cold-blooded, unprovoked and senseless murder and the fingers of those who pulled the trigger belong to a special kind of stupid.

The zoo feebly tried to defend the shooting in a release where they stated: “The gorilla was violently dragging and throwing the child.”

This was not what eye witnesses saw and the proof that this statement is a lie is the very fact that the child was released from the hospital shortly after, unharmed, and if a 400 pound gorilla was actually being violent there is no way that child would have remained unharmed.

Harambe died because we enslave gorillas and other animals for our entertainment.

Predictably the zoos trotted out their go-to apologist Jack Hanna to proclaim that the zoo did the right thing, that it was a choice between a gorilla and a human being.

No it was not. The kid was not going to be killed by this gorilla. In fact there is no case of a gorilla in captivity ever killing a child and these gorillas are actually approachable in the wild.

But Jack Hanna gets paid to spew such nonsense because if he actually knew anything about gorillas he would have understood what Harambe was trying to do.

And what about the child whose hand Harambe gently held in his own? What kind of trauma will this boy experience from seeing the gentle being who tried to help him gunned down because a few pathetic individuals wanted to pretend Harambe was King Kong and the they were stupidly trying to save Faye Wray.

What brings tears to my eyes, what makes me sick inside is the knowledge that this noble creature was trying to help, that he knew the child was in trouble and his compassion was contemptuously dismissed with bullets.

I am disgusted with the Cincinnati zoo, disgusted with the men who killed Harambe, and disgusted with this pathetic excuse for a mother who is the root cause of this tragedy.

I feel pity for the boy, because for the next 14 years or so he will have to live with this woman and with the knowledge that because she allowed him to fall into that enclosure Harambe, the kindly creature that held his hand, is now dead.

Added comment. Thane Maynard the zoo director said that despite the boy's ability to climb over the barrier, the exhibit is safe. "People can climb over barriers, and that's what happened." Now that is a really asinine comment. If it was safe the boy would not have fallen in. The incident demonstrated that it is not safe. When a 4 year old can get into an enclosure with any animal at a zoo, the security at the zoo is seriously flawed.

Contrast the violent and trigger-happy actions of the zoo with a similar event some years ago at the Jersey zoo

Rail strikes in France

French railway workers to strike over reforms

French railway workers are to go on strike as unions continue to protest against planned labour reforms.

A demonstration in Nantes, western France, against government planned labour law reforms.
A demonstration in Nantes, western France, against government planned labour law reforms. Photo:AFP

31 May, 2016

This is expected to further disrupt a transport network already suffering from a shortage of fuel.

French President Francois Hollande has insisted he will not back down over the reforms, which aim to make it easier to recruit and dismiss employees.

France is hosting the Euro 2016 football championships in less than two weeks.
Further transport disruption is likely later in the week as Paris metro staff are due to begin indefinite action on Thursday and Air France pilots have voted to strike over pay.

On Monday, six of France's eight oil refineries were still halted or running at reduced capacity due to union action.

Workers at the oil terminal in the northern port of Le Havre, which supplies Paris's two main airports, have voted to extend their blockade until Wednesday.

French labour reform bill - main points

  • The 35-hour week remains in place, but as an average. Firms can negotiate with local trade unions on more or fewer hours from week to week, up to a maximum of 46 hours.
  • Firms are given greater freedom to reduce pay.
  • The law eases conditions for laying off workers, which is strongly regulated in France. It is hoped companies will take on more people if they know they can shed jobs in case of a downturn.
  • Employers to get more leeway to negotiate holidays and special leave, such as maternity or for getting married. These are currently also heavily regulated.
The CGT union is leading the action, supported by other unions including Force Ouvriere and Unef, whereas the more moderate CFDT union backs the labour reforms.

The CGT says the reforms will erode job security without bringing down the country's 10 percent unemployment rate.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls - who has suggested the reforms could be "modified" - has cancelled a planned trip to Canada while Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has said he wants France to remain open for business.

Last week's rallies saw clashes between protesters and police and the Paris tourist board warned that the scenes of violence risked putting off visitors.

"The scenes of guerilla-type action in the middle of Paris, beamed around the world, reinforce the feeling of fear and misunderstanding" after last November's terror attacks which killed 130 people in Paris, it said.

However, 46 percent of French people remained supportive of the protests despite the disruption to their daily lives, according to a poll on Sunday in the Journal du Dimanche newspaper.

Official manipulation of Brexit voters in UK

Brits "Appalled, Disgusted" At Brexit Postal Ballot 'Fraud'

30 May, 2016

"I am appalled by it. It should be neutral," exclaimed one angry Brit after seeing that Brexit voters are being sent postal ballots with a guide that strongly suggests they should vote for Britain to remain in the European Union.

The "How to vote by post" forms were sent out last week...

And, as The Telegraph reports, this has prompted furious complaints from anti-EU campaigners, as the step-by-step guide includes advice to "read the instructions carefully, then complete your ballot paper" above an image showing a pencil in a hand ticking a box to "remain a member of the European Union."

"When i first saw these instructions I was disgusted... The Electoral Commission should never have allowed this to be sent."

Experts say there is a risk that the forms could be challenged in court because they appear to guide the choice of voters.

Bernard Jenkin - the MP who oversees the conduct of the referendum - noted "any subliminal messaging by authorities purporting to be neutral is absolutely forbidden and it should be reported to the Electotal Commission," and Arron Banks - a backer of the Leave.EU campaign - exclaimed "to send out postal votes with instructions showing people how to vote and favoring the "remain" campaign is the latest outrage... we will be asking our lawyers to contact the electoral commission for an explanation."

Officials defended the design of the instruction leaflet, saying "the placement of a pen graphic is incidental... it could not be construed as indicating how to vote."
But the chief executive of Electoral Administrators warned "clearly this has not followed good practice."

*  *  *
It seems that the establishment is leaving nothing to chance. With 'Project Fear' now complete - as politicians enter the dark period of propaganda prior to the vote - the manipulation will continue until the status quo is maintained... for now, the polls suggest the establishment is going to have do more...

More for interest than a serious suggestion

Queen Elizabeth Reveals She Is Ready To Flee Britain

The Queen was overheard saying that military intelligence suggests that if Britain doesn't leave Europe then World War 3 will occur.

Queen Elizabeth II says she is ready to leave the UK if Britain vote to remain in the EU
19 May, 2016

Queen Elizabeth stunned BBC production staff yesterday while preparing to deliver the Queen’s Speech at the State Opening of Parliament, hinting that she is planning to abdicate the throne and flee the UK, a BBC insider claims.
One is making the necessary preparations to abandon ship,’ Her Majesty said. ‘Aviolent storm is coming, the likes of which Britain has never seen.

BBC staff ‘stunned’

Her Majesty was speaking to her advisors while taking on the Parliament Robe of State and Imperial State Crown in the Robing Chamber, however she was already wearing a microphone and her comments were heard by the whole gallery.

She seemed angry that she had to remain neutral in her speech.  She said there is solid intelligence from military top brass that if we don’t Brexit there is an inevitable World War 3 scenario that will play out,’ the insider said.

World War 2 will seem like a bump in the road compared to this.  I must warn my subjects,’ the Queen said.

BBC cover up

The line was cut off at this point and BBC production staff were urgently addressed by the director John Kirby.  He said he had been warned by BBC executives that the Head of State had been ‘shooting her mouth off a lot lately‘ and that ‘we must all ignore, forget, delete from our memories everything that we heard.’

He said there wasn’t going to be a scandal on his watch.’

Queen Elizabeth’s abdication

What does Queen Elizabeth know that we don’t?  She is certainly privy to information that is kept from the public.  The possibility of a geopolitical conflict, culminating in World War 3, has been discussed by Britain’s politicians this past week.  By warning advisors that she has made the necessary preparations to flee the country, is she hinting that she has inside information of the darkest kind?

Brazil's new anti-corruption minister involved in corruption

Brazil's New Anti-Corruption Minister Quits After Leak Exposes His Involvement In Corruption Scandal

30 May, 2016

Our prediction that the cabinet of Brazil's new president Michel Temer would not last long received its first validation just 10 days after the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, when a recording was leaked in which Brazil's new Planning Minister under Temer, Romero Juca, was overheard explaining how the removal of Rousseff would "prevent the wide corruption probe dubbed Carwash from proceeding." This prompted many to wonder if Rousseff was indeed correct all along claiming a silent, US-sponsored coup had taken place in Brazil, one in which the cost of sweeping the Carwash scandal under the rug was her own scalp.

Incidentally, Juca quit shortly thereafter to preserve the new president's reputation as corruption-free as possible.

Then earlier today, things for the new, just as corrupt as his predecessor president, Michel Temer got particularly awkward, not to mention painfully ironic, when none other than Brazil's Transparency and Anti-Corruption Minister, Fabiano Silveira resigned on Monday after leaked recordings suggested he tried to derail a sprawling corruption probe, the latest cabinet casualty impacting interim President Michel Temer's administration.

No amount of commentary can do justice to the gruesome farce that Brazilian economics is quickly devolving into. That said, it was perfectly predictable. On May 12, the day Rousseff was removed from power, we asked if Temer "can he avoid ouster himself"?

Among his documented transgressions, he signed off on some of the allegedly illegal budget measures that led to the impeachment drive against Rousseff and has been implicated, though never charged, in several corruption investigations.
The son of Lebanese immigrants, Temer is one of the country's least popular politicians but has managed to climb his way to the top, in large part by building close relationships with fellow politicians as leader of the large but fractured Brazilian Democratic Movement Party.
Think Frank Underwood.

However, unlike Underwood, Temer may not last long, for the simple reason that the people who greeted him as a savior from Rousseff's corruption may very soon turn on him just as fast.

Silveira, the man Temer tasked with fighting corruption since he took office on May 12, announced his plans to step down in a letter, according to the presidential palace's media office. No replacement for Silveira has yet been named.

Silveira and Senate President Renan Calheiros became the latest officials ensnared by leaked recordings secretly made by a former oil industry executive as part of a plea bargain. The same tapes led to the resignation last week of the abovementioned Romero Juca, whom Temer had named as planning minister.

According to Reuters, in parts of the recordings, aired by TV Globo late on Sunday, Silveira criticizes prosecutors in the probe focused on state-controlled oil company PetrĂ³leo Brasileiro SA, known as Petrobras, which has already implicated dozens of politicians and led to the imprisonment of top executives.

In the conversation, recorded at Calheiros' home three months before Silveira became a Cabinet minister, Silveira advises the Senate leader on how best to defend himself from the probe into Petrobras.
In the report, Globo TV also said some audio indicated that Silveira on several occasions spoke with prosecutors in charge of the Petrobras case to find out what information they might have on Calheiros, which he reported back to the Senate leader.   Silveira is heard saying prosecutors were "totally lost."

For those still wondering if Brazil's anti-corruption minister just resigned less than three weeks after taking the post becuase he was busted for corruption - on the record - the answer is yes.

Where it gets better is that nobody knows how many other members of the Temer cabinet will fall as a result of the ongoing leaks of phone recordings.

The former head of the transportation arm of Petrobras, Sergio Machado, who is under investigation as part of the graft probe and has turned state's witness, recorded the meeting and conversations with other politicians to obtain leniency from prosecutors. Silveira was a counsellor on the National Justice Counsel, a judicial watchdog agency, at the time of the meeting.

The reaction was swift: on Monday, Ministry of Transparency staff marched to the presidential palace in Brasilia to demand Silveira's ouster and restoration of the comptroller general's office, which Temer renamed to show his commitment to fighting corruption.

That particular "commitment" is not working out too great.

All employees with management duties at the ministry resigned their posts to press their demands, according to union leader Rudinei Marques.
Protesting employees had earlier prevented Silveira from entering the ministry building. They then washed its facade with soap and water to symbolize Temer's need to clean up his government.

The only problem is that the corruption in Temer's government starts with Temer himself, who according to many is far more corrupt than Rousseff ever was.  Which is probably way Reuters adds that Temer will meet with Brazil's prosecutor general later today to discuss the leaked recordings.

Several members of Temer's cabinet are under investigation in the Petrobras probe. Rousseff, facing an impeachment trial in the Senate on charges of breaking budget laws, and others have said Temer plotted her downfall to stifle the investigation.

Temer has strongly denied the allegation, although with every new scandal and resignation, less and less people believe the false narrative.

As a result of the recordings, the new government could face declining support for Rousseff's ouster by the Senate, which needs a two-thirds majority to convict her in a trial expected to last through August.The two-year probe into billions in graft at Petrobras has led to jail time for executives from Brazil's top construction firms as well as investigations of dozens of politicians, including several members of Temer's Brazilian Democratic Movement Party, or PMDB, and Rousseff's Workers Party.

At the end of the day, everyone in Brazil's political ruling class is corrupt: as such that is hardly grounds for dismissal as Brazil would simply have no politicians left. 

The question the people needs to answer is which politician is best suited to get the country out of the unprecedented economic depression it finds itself in less than two months before the Summer Olympics are set to begin in Rio.

Then again, the choice may already have been made: earlier today, Brazil's FUP Oil Union, one of the two main oil labor unions in the country, said it plans a one-day national strike on June 10. It workers will protest against acting president Michel Temer, FUP said adding that Temer's government lacks legitimacy. The FUP workers specifically are worried that they will lose benefits under the new administration, and Petrobras could be privatized.

The conclusion is that Temer's honeymoon period has officially ran out, and at this point absent some dramatic shift in his administration, Temer himself may be impeached in very short notice. Perhaps it is not too late for the ambitious former vice president and current president to watch House of Cards from the beginning, just to reminds himself how these things are done... if only on Netflix.