Tuesday 31 March 2015

Strong winds in Moscow, Russia

Strong winds rippеd the facе of a building and knockеd down trees in Moscow on Monday

Strong winds ripped the face of a building and knocked down trees in Moscow on Monday

Freak of nature

Lamb with human-like features including eyes, nose and mouth is born on a farm in Russia
  • Lamb's head had eyes, nose and mouth of human and only ears of a sheep
  • It was born in village of Chirka, close to the Russian republic of Dagestan
  • Sheep farmer Blasius Lavrentiev, 45, said he 'nearly died' when he saw it

30 March, 2015

A disturbing video has emerged showing a lamb born with human-like features in a Russian village.

The lamb's head had the eyes, nose and mouth of a human and only the ears were those of a sheep.

After it was born, the lamb made a number of peculiar grunting noises as it was nuzzled by its more usual looking mother.

It was born in the village of Chirka, close to the Russian republic of Dagestan.
Sheep farmer Blasius Lavrentiev, 45, had been expectantly waiting all week for his prized ewe to give birth

But he had a nasty shock when saw the human-like creature as he was hoping to sell the lambs.

He said: 'We had quite a tough winter but when I noticed she was pregnant I was delighted as it meant I would be able to sell the lambs and start making some money again.

'But when I went down to see how it was going I nearly died.'

Last year, the Villalba family from Centro, north-western Argentinian province of Salta, were accused of bestiality when one of their goats gave birth to a calf with a 'human' head and the images were posted on social media.

The farming family were subjected to abuse and horrifying accusations by superstitious locals when the images went viral.

The family were bombarded with accusations that somebody among their number had been having sex with their goat and had to strongly refute the claims.

Events in Yemen - commentary

Yemen – yet another example of mind-boggling hypocrisy

30 March, 2015

The recent events in Yemen are taking on an increasingly dangerous turn. Rather than to paraphrase what others have written, I will refer you to the following articles:

What I propose to do is much more basic: I want to describe the very basic sequence of events which has taken place.

We have a country which is internally divided geographically, culturally and religiously. The President of that country was overthrown in a coup and had to flee abroad. This greatly worried some of the neighbors of this country which decided to keep recognizing the President that fled and organized a multi-state air-strikes campaign to punish the new regime. To justify their actions, these states accused another neighbor of supporting the revolutionary regime. There are now very strong and persistent rumors that the main country supporting the President in exile has massed over 100’000 troops at the border and is preparing for an invasion.

Does that not ring a bell? Is that not exactly what has taken place in the Ukraine?

Can you imagine what would have happened if Russia had decided that Yanukovich was still the only legitimate President and, assisted by Belarus would have embarked on a campaign of air-strikes which would have included the bombing of Kiev? And what if the Kremlin decided to hold consultations with it’s allies in preparation for a possible invasion with the explicit purpose to return Yanukovich to Kiev in a Russian tank?

And yet nobody is proposing to cut Saudi Arabia off the SWIFT system or deny them credits. Nobody is imposing any sanctions. The Arab and Muslim states are all turning collectively blind, even when reports surface of Israel participating in the bombing campaign. In fact, except for Russia – no country seems to mind what is taking place, even though the disasters which all the recent interventions of the AngloZionists are clear for all to see.

There is, of course, a major difference between the junta in the Ukraine and the junta in Yemen: the Ukrainian junta is formed oligarchs and nationalist neo-Nazis with full support from the Zionists, the Vatican, Uncle Sam and the “new Europe” whereas the Yemenis are only supported by Iran. This is the simple logic here: Nazi=good, Zionist=good, Papist=good, Wahabi=good, Orthodox=bad, Shia=bad.

The one good thing from that unrepentant, “in your face” kind of hypocrisy and double-standards is that the charade about human rights, democracy, justice, self-determination, international law, etc is dead and buried and all that is left is the ugly face of raw violence and the law of the jungle. I applaud that as I prefer an evil which shows its face to one which pretends to be kind. I also applaud every time I see the KSA and Israel working together hand in hand, like the two ugly twin brothers that they really are. Wahabism and Zionism are a match made in hell, and when you add Ukrainian nationalism in its Banderite expression you have a perfect mix of evils. Again, this a good thing as it shows that Nazis can be allied to Jews, Zionists to Nazis, Wahabis to both Jewish and Nazi infidels, etc. Finally the ugly true face of the Empire is emerging and that shows that its end is also coming closer with every passing day.

The Saker

World hasdlines

Saudi-Led Airstrikes Destroy Scud Missile Facility in Sanaa, Yemen


Saudi-led airstrikes continue to bombard the Yemeni capital of Sanaa, continuing into Monday night.
Since last Thursday, the bombings have been targeting Houthi rebels and troops loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.
According to local residents speaking to Reuters, the airstrikes have largely targeted the area around the presidential palace. Figures released by Yemen’s health ministry — which is currently Houthi controlled — said 35 people had been killed over the weekend, with another 88 injured.
Bombing caused a large explosion at a Scud Missile Facility in the capital. According to Saudi Brigadier General Ahmed, all known Scud missile launch pads have been “devastated” by the bombing campaign.
All Yemeni fighter jets have been destroyed in the strikes, and Shia rebels have been forced from government airbases.
Despite the bombing campaign, Houthi fighters have continued to make gains. Though it has yet to make a decision, the Saudi Arabian government is considering sending ground troops into Yemen.

"I don’t know that anyone wants to go into Yemen but we don’t rule anything out. Right now the objective is being achieved through an air campaign," Saudi ambassador to the US, Adel al-Jubeir told NBC, according to Al Arabiya.
According to a statement by the Arab League on Sunday, Saudi-led bombings will continue until Shia insurgents "withdraw and surrender their weapons."
The Saudi navy has also announced that it’s control of all Yemeni ports.

Strong quakes hit off South Pacific islands

A series of strong earthquakes struck off the neighboring South Pacific Ocean states of Samoa and Tonga on Monday, Reuters reported. A number of 6.8 magnitude quakes struck southwest of the Samoan capital, Apia, in waters between the two island states of Tonga and Samoa, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS). There were no reports of damage in Samoa, while the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said there is no tsunami threat. Just hours earlier, a major 7.7 quake struck off the coast of Papua New Guinea, near the town of Rabaul, in the northeast

The personal details of all 20 leaders at the recent G20 summit in Australia have been accidentally leaked by the Australian immigration department. Despite being notified of the high-profile breach four months ago, it neglected to inform anyone.

The details included passport numbers, visa details and other particulars of each leader at the summit. The peculiar thing is they were sent to the organizers of the Asian Cup football tournament, the Guardian has revealed.

The mishap was caused by an employee who inadvertently caused the leak, which involved the Russian, American, British, German, Chinese leaders, among others. It remains unclear if any of the leaders was notified.

During a floor speech on March 24, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) offered some frightening and seditious advice to Israel.

Alternet reports: Republicans have teamed up with their counterparts in the Israeli political system to do everything they can to obstruct a deal – with tactics such as drafting new sanctions legislation and warning the Iranian leadership that the nuclear agreement will not outlast President Obama.

But this past week Senator John McCain (R-AZ) ratcheted up this sabotage to a new level. During a floor speech he gave on March 24th, the senator suggested that Israel “go rogue” and that if they don’t they may not survive the next 22 months of the Obama presidency:

McCAIN: The Israelis will need to chart their own path of resistance. On the Iranian nuclear deal, they may have to go rogue. Let’s hope their warnings have not been mere bluffs. Israel survived its first 19 years without meaningful U.S. patronage. For now, all it has to do is get through the next 22, admittedly long, months.

News Links, March 27, 2015

Due to moving, I'll be offline for a few days. Look for the next update about the middle of next week. -- RF
Even if started, the project would never come anywhere near completion. Like Japan's maglev project, it would just be an environmentally destructive waste of money and resources. -- RF
Air travel in the U.S. is, if you haven't noticed, kind of miserable. Lines are long, airlines are reducing the size of seats, flights are fuller than ever, many airports are rundown and "ancillary fees" are becoming the norm.
Airline fees take off
Sky's the limit as carriers pile on charges for early boarding, seating choices and more
If recycled cooking oil is the key, then the airlines are in even more trouble than I thought. People never consider factors such as the sheer scale of industrial society, and where cooking oil comes from. -- RF
'War on Terror' Body Count (Physicians for Social Responsibility; PDF)
A report published Thursday by the energy consultant group finds the oil and gas industry as a whole is on pace to cut budgets for exploration by an average 30 percent.
The Most Challenging Oil And Gas Projects In The World
The fifth anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon disaster is approaching, but in the intervening years since the well blowout deep offshore, oil and gas drillers have pushed even deeper and even farther afield.

## Infrastructure scavenging ##

Fort Worth church hit again and again by metal thieves
## Environment/health ##
Earth has just two giant forests left
Termite species mix in Florida, reproducing at breakneck rate
Two of the most destructive termites species in the world are mating in South Florida, producing hybrid colonies that are growing at twice the normal rate of other termites, scientists reported on Wednesday.
A mile deep, ocean fish facing health impacts from human pollution
Deep-water marine fish living on the continental slopes at depths from 2,000 feet to one mile have liver pathologies, tumors and other health problems that may be linked to human-caused  pollution, one of the first studies of its type has found.
## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##They Are Slowly Making Cash Illegal
This is serious, but as I've observed previously, a cashless system requires reliable power and internet. As the reliability of power grids and the internet decline, efforts to enforce cashless transactions will falter. -- RF
## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Don't hold your breath. -- RF
Number 2 takes the cake. -- RF

MSM lies

Reuters lied’: MH17 witness says reporter falsified testimony
A Lugansk Region resident, whom Reuters cites as saying he saw evidence of a surface-to-air missile launched from rebel-held territory on the day MH17 was downed, told RT the news agency gave a false report of his interview.


30 March, 2015

As a part of a March report on the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 tragedy Reuters talked to Pyotr Fedotov, a 58-year-old resident of the village Chervonniy Zhovten in the Lugansk Region of eastern Ukraine.

When interviewed by Reuters, Fedotov, the witness who described the 'wiggling' rocket, at first said on camera that it was fired from territory held by the Ukrainian army. Later, off camera, he said it was launched from a nearby rebel area. Asked why he had originally said the opposite, he said it was because he was afraid of the rebels," the news agency said.

RT contacted Fedotov and he said that Reuters correspondent Anton Zverev was "less than accurate" with his testimony.

When we talked about the Boeing on camera, I explained everything as it was. The things that I allegedly said off-camera were just made up by the journalist. It's all lies. Off-camera, we never discussed the Boeing,” Fedotov told RT.

He added that the Reuters journalist contacted him after taking the interview, but never showed him a draft of the article. Instead he was asking whether Fedotov had got into trouble for speaking to him
The journalist called me and asked if I was in trouble. I was really surprised. Why would I be in trouble if I told the truth? And then my friends told me in the article I was saying different things when the cameras were on and off. That's when I understood why he was asking if I was in trouble,” the witness explained.
So it's mere fantasy from the journalist or maybe he was doing it for his own benefit,” he dded.

RT’s request to Reuters for comments on the controversy and raw footage of Fedotov’s interview was not replied to as of publication of this article.
Reuters’ reporting was not based solely on Fedotov’s testimony. The agency cited three other eyewitnesses from the village, but only Fedotov was cited as pointing to either side of the conflict as firing the missile. The report emphasized that the eyewitness accounts didn’t conclusively prove that the rocket they saw was the one that downed Flight MH17.
Earlier in March, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov condemned the Reuters report of witnesses’ statements, saying it "looked like a stovepiping." The top diplomat also then said that questions posed by Russia’s officials remained unanswered, saying there have been no promised images from American satellites or recordings of Ukrainian air traffic controllers’ communications with the plane.

The Malaysian Boeing 777 airliner was downed over eastern Ukraine on July 17 last year, killing 298 people on board. The incident became an instant controversy, with Ukraine and its Western backers accused rebel forces and Russia of being behind the downing.
An investigation into the incident is being conducted by the Netherlands, but the preliminary report released last year didn’t point even to a kind of weapon used in the downing of the aircraft, only that an outside force destroyed it mid-air.
Russia called not to jump to conclusions and made military radar data public which indicated the presence of Ukrainian surface-to-air batteries and warplanes in the area on the day of the Boeing shooting.
Earlier Ukrainian media falsely claimed that Dutch investigators concluded that MH17 had been shot down by the rebels with a Buk missile, citing a report in the Dutch media that outlined the popular theory, but didn’t claim it to be proven. Dutch prosecutors told RT at the time that the investigation had not been concluded.