Monday 21 February 2022

Guy Hatchard: the Jacinda Papers

 The Te Pūnaha Matatini documents. As cited in Dr Guy Hatchard's interview with Liz Gunn

Free NZ,

20 February, 2022


It is a strange thing to wake up in one’s own country and no longer recognize it because the people you thought were representing you as part of a democratic parliament appear to be very busy representing something entirely different . . .

This week there was a stack of papers that landed with an unceremonious thump on the desks of some good Kiwis. One of those papers, in particular, has shown how the Prime Minister and Cabinet funded a small clique to fashion a Covid narrative (best described as propaganda) that contains false information and has helped destroy the lives of millions of New Zealanders, either through losing their livelihoods, or becoming injured or maimed or having loved ones die, by trusting the government propaganda and lies.

With regard to covid, the paper, which has not undergone a formal peer review, but is being enacted, rejects herd immunity, rejects health and wellbeing narratives, and rejects suggestions that an experimental gene-based therapy may have adverse effects or alter DNA, alleging it is a ‘conspiracy theory’ when respected scientist Guy Hatchard states there have been over 1000 papers published, worldwide that prove otherwise. (It also neatly side-steps the successful use of ivermectin as an alternative treatment.)

“Funded by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet”

This paper seems to focus on the intention to have all New Zealanders accept whatever the government tells them, including what medical treatment they must have. It appears to show how the ‘government’ intends to demonise anyone with a different view, and their intention to violate the Nuremberg Code. It shows how, with the paid-off mainstream media in its back pocket from the start, it explores ways to shut down social media channels that bring New Zealanders the truth from other sources.

One scholarship which ‘Te Pūnaha Matatini’ offers for 2022. With a stipend of $17,000

In essence, social media is people talking to each other. That is what we do. We communicate, but if we are listening to other channels that bring us, the truth, then apparently that is ‘unacceptable’. Guy Hatchard explains,

The paper says the aim of government messaging should take the form of ‘branding’ designed to teach the public to trust the government alone. Something so close to propaganda as to be almost indistinguishable.

‘Emphasis in social media on ‘individual rights’ is described as an undesirable import from America. Ardern’s more recent rejection of protests as ‘imported ideas’ . . . hint at exclusionary agendas to come.’ 

. . . The push to introduce the censorship of scientific information and discussion that characterises the Ardern government is evident throughout the paper.’

So, according to the prime minister, the Cabinet, and the architects of this paper, it appears the cornerstones of our democracy are ‘undesirable’. 

The “small clique” tasked with creating and maintaining the Covid narrative in New Zealand.

Who would have thought in 2019 we would have to campaign and protest for our right to have a government retain the key principles of democracy, including free speech, the right to make our own medical choices, and for our bodies and our homes to be free from enforced invasion? 

The fact that the government is monitoring anything that doesn’t reflect the intent from the ‘pulpit of truth’, really the pulpit of propaganda, is of major concern.

New Zealanders, the foxes are in the hen-house. 


Saturday 19 February 2022

NZ: Up to 100% of Covid-19 Hospitalisations are among the Fully Vaccinated

Here is the smoking gun.   It's genocide.

New Zealand’s Pandemic of the Fully Vaccinated 

Up to 100% of Covid-19 Hospitalisations are among the Fully Vaccinated according to official data

Official data hidden within News Reports published by the New Zealand Ministry of Health has revealed that the fully vaccinated population account for the vast majority of Covid-19 hospitalisations in New Zealand, with some days seeing the triple/double jabbed account for 100% of people admitted to hospital.

On the 16th Feb 22 the New Zealand Ministry of Health published a News Report containing information on Covid-19 Hospitalisations by vaccination status. In it they confirmed that of the current hospitalisations among the Northern Region, the unvaccinated population accounted for 2 hospitalisations, whilst the fully vaccinated accounted for 23 hospitalisations.
So we took a look back at previous news reports published by the New Zealand Ministry of Health to paint a picture on the current alleged Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the country. These are the reports we analysed, dating back to 25th Jan 22 – The following chart shows the total number of Covid-19 hospitalisations by vaccination status each day in New Zealand between 25th Jan 22 and 16th Feb 22 –
As you can see, every single day has seen the fully vaccinated account for the vast majority of Covid-19 hospitalisations, and as of the 16th Feb 22 things look like they are getting progressively worse for the fully vaccinated but improving for the unvaccinated. 

 On the 25th Jan 22 just 6 people were hospitalised with Covid-19, with the fully vaccinated accounting for 5 hospitalisations, and the unvaccinated accounting for 1 hospitalisation. 

But by the 16th Feb 22, there were 25 people hospitalised with Covid-19, with the fully vaccinated accounting for 23 hospitalisations, and the unvaccinated population accounting for just 2 hospitalisations. The following chart shows the percentage of Covid-19 hospitalisations by vaccination status in New Zealand between 25th Jan 22 and 16th Feb 22 –
Six of the 19 days have seen the fully vaccinated account for 100% of Covid-19 hospitalisations, this is despite approximately 79% of the New Zealand population being considered fully vaccinated. 

The most recent 2 days of data has seen the fully vaccinated account for 90% of hospitalisations on the 15th Feb and 92% of hospitalisations on the 16th Feb 22. 

 The New Zealand Ministry of Health has refused to publish the number of Covid-19 deaths by vaccination status, but we think it’s plain to see by the very limited data they have quietly published on Covid-19 hospitalisations, that the country is very much in the midst of a Pandemic of the Fully Vaccinated, and it looks like Covid-19 vaccination has offered zero benefit in preventing hospitalisation. In fact, from the numbers given it appears vaccination has made things worse.

Wednesday 16 February 2022

Stunning New Images Of Complex 'Nanotech' Devices Found In NZ Pfizer 'Comirnaty' Vials


Life in the Blood,

For those who just want the short story: Here’s the picture of one drop of New Zealand’s Pfizer COMIRNATY “vaccine” under a cover slip, after it was inadvertently heated lightly, and viewed later the same day through dark field microscopy at low magnification, and projected onto a TV monitor.

The images below are from a new sample, after a new computer with top notch graphic capacity was purchased. These images came through software connected to a microscope camera.


Increase the magnification on the images below and look closely.

The long story goes like this: 

I have a background in medicine, mathematics and physics, with extensive phase contrast microscopy experience. 

People who were injured by the Pfizer jab wanted help. At this time in 2021, I didn’t have a microscope.  

Several doctors had come forward in other countries to report strange observations. Dr. Zandre Botha from South Africa showed the uniform strange round circles. La Quinta Columna showed what appeared to be microchips and other formations. Two other doctors talked about parasites and of all things, hydras!  

This is not my first rodeo. Having previously experienced how those of us that critically look at the vaccine situation are heavily infiltrated by persons wishing to divert and control the narrative,  I thought, “What is real?”, “What is put forth in order to lead questioners to look like fools?” 

Because of my previous extensive microscopy experience, learning to use a dark field microscope didn’t take a huge amount of education. I took a 12 week course on live blood analysis using the most sophisticated dark field microscope and camera, that my money could buy. It magnifies up to 4000x.  

After having a close look at the blood of dozens of vaccine injured people, patients started asking me about certain round and square bright yellow formations in their capillary blood as seen on the screen.

Nothing in the textbooks identified such things, and various people doing similar work, suggested that they might be crystals or some sort of slide or cover slip anomaly.  At first, I just told the patients that it wasn’t important—possibly uric acid or something like that.  

Then several “empty” vials of Pfizer COMIRNATY vaccine were obtained. I trust the source of the shots 100%. The vials were from recent leftover vaccine after the shots had been given. 

On a Friday in December, alone in my office, I took the vials out, thawed, and examined them. I drew up all the contents (just a few drops in each one) from each vial into a 3cc syringe with a 16G needle and put one drop of it on a slide with a cover slip, and another slide with a drop of vaccine mixed with a drop of human blood and put a cover slip on it.  

The images that follow are from the different slides and were taken immediately after the slides were made.

The amount of activity in the liquid and the strange shapes were baffling to say the least.

Squares and circles seemed to connect up to each other consistently. Over an hour or two, the squares and circles seemed to enlarge somehow.

On the same hot day, I had to travel from my office to another office some distance away. The slides were packed up in plastic slide mailers and placed in a cardboard box in the car alongside the microscope. It had been a long week, and the ocean looked enticing, so I parked the car with the windows cracked about two inches, went for a 40-minute walk, then continued my drive.  

At my destination, the microscope was set up and I had another look at the slides. I don’t scare easily but what I saw next gave me a bit of a chill.

Then an enormous formation appeared right under my nose and I grabbed some pictures. At this point, my software was not matching up well with my mac computer so the phone video was the only option.

The straight lines and corners were lined with squares, rectangles, and circles.

Wanting better graphics, I purchased a PC laptop with the best graphics the store could offer me. The software was then useable and I could take future images from the video program attached to the camera, for better definition.  

If this was to be believed by anyone, it had to be repeated and understood better.  

In the days that followed I contemplated how the formation happened. Was it a function of time? Of the vibration in the car? Heat? Cell towers along the way? It could have been any of those, so I took some more of the liquid and plated out some more slides, put them in multiple slide carriers, drove them all around the city near cell towers for two hours, and then came back.  

I did get some additional interesting images but nothing like the first one.

A few weeks later, I got hold of some more vaccine from the same source. This time there were lot numbers and four vials. I plated them out separately and also mixed some of the old liquid with the new. The new liquid had far more circles than the first lot, and had fewer squares.

The first attempts gave formations.



Interesting that on the second day when I came back and re-looked, the structures had shifted off their foundations. This may have been from handling the slides but it shows that the formations are “things” and not shadows or dehydration. 

After some more attempts, interesting activity and organization occurred, but no dramatic new images were made.  I plated out another batch on the 16th of January. Then I took them out in the car into the city on a hot day and left them in the car with the windows down. It was around 28°C outdoors, and the car got to around 40°C max. When I got home, this image was on the slide with a whole lot more. The experiment was successfully repeated.


The organisation that occurred does not appear to be simply organic, or debris, or artefact, and it is not simply dehydration of the slide.  

It seems highly self-organised by design.  

The following images are from the slide which had one drop of fresh human blood mixed with one drop of vaccine liquid. When the liquid met up to the blood, the white blood cells were annihilated, and the red blood cells heavily damaged. 

While concentrating on getting as good a focus as possible, I didn’t think too much of what I captured. But when I later looked closer, it was obviously an image of some sort of nano-tech chips linked by “cords”. The cords may be made in part from fibrin. But what is certain is that when mixed with human blood, different things than just “vaccine alone”, happen on the slide.  

Have a look.

There were also these startling formations:

For so many months I had pondered how this infection could be so severe, that the vaccine has to be given to every human on the planet several times—even if one has recovered from Covid. This is unprecedented in vaccine history.  

Why aren’t more people looking at the vaccine under a microscope? Why hasn’t the public been informed of the full ingredients of the only FDA approved vaccine for Covid?  

The pictures speak for themselves.  I am making no claims as to what we are looking at. I have noticed on line that some people who read the original publications, have made claims on my behalf.

All I have done is look at different aspects of the vaccine and the blood under microscopy. 

This research should be continued by other laboratories with high powered microscopes.  

It would require quality slides and cover slips. Place a drop of vaccine from a used vial or a fresh vial onto the slide and cover it.  Observe the activity at lower magnification and also at 1600 to 4000x using dark field microscopy. Get a dry incubator for the fresh slides and set it at different temperatures ranging from 38-42 for at least an hour. Observe again. If nothing interesting occurred, try putting it back in the incubator. Follow up the second day. Do the same with a drop of blood and a drop of vaccine. Combine different vaccine lots and use one drop of the combined vaccines on each slide.  

Wear gloves, use PPE, and vent the space so you are not breathing any vapour off the liquid (a laminar flow hood would be ideal).