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81-year-old grandmother’s comments about knitted pigs as an example of “hate speech”

 Facebook Algorithm Accuses 81-Year-Old Grandmother Of "Hate Speech" Over Knitted-Pigs Comment

Authored by Paul Jospeh Watson via Summit News,

Facebook’s algorithm flagged an 81-year-old grandmother’s comments about knitted pigs as an example of “hate speech” and threatened her with a permanent ban.

Yes, really.

After losing her husband last year, Rita Rich-Mulcahy, a retired teacher who lives in Australia, created the Facebook page to share with the world her love of knitting and raise money for The Smith Family charity, which helps disadvantaged children.

After posting a picture of her own knitted pigs, Rich-Mulcahy referred to them as “white pigs” and “high-viz pigs,” resulting in the threat to terminate her account over “hate speech.”

“It may seem a small thing to most people, but to someone who had never even had an overdue library book, being charged with using hate speech was frightening,” said Rich-Mulcahy.

Facebook issued a statement asserting that its automated system flagging the comments was a “mistake” that its AI “sometimes” makes.

The story once again illustrates how Facebook’s censorship algorithm, which gets stricter almost by the day as a result of relentless mainstream media hysteria, is completely broken.

*  *  *

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Dr.Simone Gold explains how a SWAT team raid of 20 men broke her door down

 Frontline Doctor: FBI ‘broke down my door’ in swat team raid of 20 men

Dr. Simone Gold related the nature of her arrest, how the distribution of experimental vaccines violates the Nuremburg Code, and why COVID-19 censorship is a ‘crime against humanity.’

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LifeSite News,

23 February, 2021

LOS ANGELES, California, February 23, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — In a recent interview with Michelle Malkin, Dr. Simone Gold, founder of American Frontline Doctors (AFLD) discussed the lack of authentic informed consent with regards to experimental vaccines, censorship as a “crime against humanity,” and how she was subjected to a massive swat team raid upon her home by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in order to arrest her for being present in the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6th.

In describing this incident, Gold said, “I was paid a visit by the FBI in a Roger Stone kind of take down moment, which is quite uncalled for. You know, if anybody wanted to get a hold of me, they could have picked up the phone and called. I’m very easy to find. But there were literally twenty guys with guns blazing, [and they] broke down my door,” Gold said. 

“It was dramatic and what I want to say is that I weep for our country. If you can pull in a person like me … [and] have the FBI break down your door with 20 guns, shackle you [in] handcuffs [and] drag you off, I mean it was really terrible … I'm telling you America, this can happen to you.”

Dr. Gold’s reference was to former President Donald Trump’s ally Roger Stone, who as an unarmed 66-year-old, without a passport, under investigation for lying to Congress, was arrested in a 2019 predawn swat team raid at his home, with a CNN photographer conveniently present to obtain footage.

One GOP congressman at the time, called this an obvious “disproportionate show of force” and a “political act” meant to “terrify” Trump allies. 

Similarly, in 2016 officials from the office of then California attorney general Kamala Harris raided the home of pro-life activist and journalist David Daleiden, who had captured undercover video evidence of Planned Parenthood’s harvesting and sale of aborted babies’ organs and tissue.

Daleiden’s attorney at the time, Matt Heffron, called this action “outrageously out of proportion for the type of crime alleged … a discredit to law enforcement, [and] an oppressive abuse of government power.”

Gold, appearing still dumbfounded by the magnitude of the incident, said “I'm very mainstream, I'm an American, I'm a mom, I'm a doctor and a lawyer for God's sake. I've spent my entire career helping people. I've worked in the inner city [with] impoverished people, really all of my career with black and brown people. I also don't say that too often because I'm not looking for any accolades, I'm just saying, that's literally who I am. And I got fired from my job because I was giving people medicine that they needed.” 

Gold, who has been on the forefront of challenging the government and media narrative regarding the actual dangers of COVID-19, its effective treatmentmasks, lockdowns, and the current distribution of experimental vaccines, indicated—in what appears to be a modest understatement—that the excessive force inflicted upon her by the federal government’s principal law enforcement agency, “does feel a little bit like a persecution.”

‘Reclaim the language. These are experimental vaccines.’

In addressing many of these other critical topics in her interview, Gold began by emphasizing the importance of recognizing new COVID-19 vaccines as being experimental.

“First of all, it's so important that we reclaim the language. These are not vaccines. These are experimental vaccines,” she said. “This is exactly their status. They are investigational agents only” which will not be authorized as full vaccines until at least 2022. 

“This is critical because I don't understand how physicians in good conscience are rushing head long into recommending an experimental anything for anybody,” Gold said.

Those who do receive the vaccine enroll themselves in a medical trial, which, “almost nobody chooses to do” under normal circumstances when they are provided with this necessary information. And given the clear, official “experimental” status of these injections, such a substance “cannot be mandated,” nor “given willy-nilly to millions or tens of millions of people while it's still in an experimental trial,” she said.

Due to fertility risks, ‘It’s lunacy’ for young females to receive experimental vaccine

Furthermore, safety concerns with regards to these experimental agents remain significant.

Malkin asked Gold about a December petition advanced by Dr. Michael Yeadon, who previously held Pfizer’s most senior research position in the field of allergy and respiratory medicines prior to his departure in 2011, to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), demanding the immediate suspension of all COVID-19 vaccine studies in Europe, due to four serious health risks.

One of the risks listed in the petition are the real dangers to women’s fertility. As Yeadon explained, these experimental vaccines are expected to produce anti-bodies to attack “spike proteins” such as COVID-19. However, “spike proteins also contain syncytin-homologous proteins, which are essential for the formation of the placenta in mammals such as humans.” Therefore, Yeadon and his colleagues demand that “[it] must be absolutely ruled out” that a coronavirus vaccine would not trigger an immune reaction against this protein, “as otherwise infertility of indefinite duration could result in vaccinated women.”

Government guidance in the U.K. itself urges various groups, including pregnant mothers, not to take the Pfizer experimental COVID vaccine, as well as stating that its impact on fertility is unknown. The World Health Organization issued a similar warning with regards to the Moderna experimental vaccine. 

Gold responded by relating the tragic story of a young female physician who, as a strong advocate for the experimental COVID vaccines, completed the injections while in the second trimester of pregnancy and lost her child to miscarriage a few days later. 

The AFLD founder explained how losing a pregnancy “in the second trimester is not very common,” and that the typical reason this happens is that “the placenta has some kind of failure.”

This can occur, she said, with pregnant mothers who become infected with COVID-19, as is documented in the AFLD’s white paper on the topic. 

“The concern with the experimental COVID vaccine is that it may mimic kind of a permanent COVID status,” she explained. “So, you're taking a situation that would be time limited,” only for the short duration one endures an infection with the virus, with even the sad possibility of having a miscarriage due to the virus. 

“But what would be much worse,” Gold said, would be a scenario where a woman “forever more cannot maintain a pregnancy” because of receiving an experimental COVID-19 vaccine. “So, instead of just the one-time episode of the illness,” Gold continued, a woman may find she instead has “a lifelong episode of infertility.”

Given that the survival rate for individuals under 50 years is 99.98% (without early treatment), Dr. Gold emphasized that “it's lunacy to get this experimental vaccine if you're a young female. It's that simple … I would flat out forbid any young female from getting this vaccine, and I think it's very unethical for any physician to offer this to a young female.”

Nuremburg Code of 1947: Informed Consent Lacking for experimental vaccine

Malkin also raised the question of the importance of informed consent in standard medical ethics as defined and universally adopted at Nuremburg in 1947. 

The Nuremburg Code came about as a result of the post-World War II trials, convictions and executions of Nazi doctors who had conducted deadly experiments, without the subjects’ consent, on prisoners of war.

The Code’s first and most extensive principle provides the strict conditions for establishing voluntary consent, including that the individual may not be exposed to “any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion.” In addition, they must have “sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved.”

Referring back to the young pregnant physician who received the injections, and the importance of knowing they are experimental, Gold stated, “I don't even think she knows [the vaccine] was an experimental status only. I've had so many conversations with people that don't even realize it's investigational status, so how is that informed consent?” she asked. “They don't write it anywhere,” and one has to search diligently to find the paperwork confirming the investigational status. 

“So that's the beginning and end of the discussion. This is not informed consent. You don't even know it's investigational. And very important investigational meds can never be coerced by federal law,” she affirmed.

‘Shocking’ Censorship a ‘crime against humanity,’ ‘breathtaking in its scope’

In a AFLD white paper, the physicians write how the “(m)ost notable” disinformation regarding the pandemic, “was selling the lie to the American and European people that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is an unsafe medication.”

As HCQ is “considered one of the safest medications in the world, safer than Motrin or Tylenol,” it has been broadly used outside the west with great success. For example, in response to the virus, India recommended HCQ for its population early last year, and “continues to enjoy a death rate a fraction (~10 percent) of the USA even in the most densely populated slums.”

Gold also pointed out elsewhere that in “Sub-Sahara Africa, the poorest places in the world, no social distancing, no mask, no ICU’s, they have a death rate of one percent the western nations. One percent!”

“Now I believe it is due to widely available HCQ. I don’t think you can explain it for any other reason,” she said.

With Malkin she affirmed that AFLD, a volunteer physicians’ organization, exists to “put out the truth that's been censored,” on these medical topics.

“I'm stunned at the degree of censorship and the rapidity of it” in these recent months, Gold said.  “It's shocking to me that we can fool people into thinking a drug that's the most commonly used drug in India (HCQ) for decades … is unsafe.”

“Honestly, I don't expect it, but this really needs to be almost [treated] like a NAZI war crime tribunal,” she said. The censorship “has been such a crime against humanity. It's breathtaking in its scope.”

Gold was also sure to encourage people to have HCQ on hand, as “it works if you take it earlier prophylactically” or as early treatment. And since “it can be very difficult to get from your own doctor,” AFLD has made it available at their website

How to identify propaganda: What was the data prior to the controversy?

Malkin followed-up asking how regular people can actually recognize what is true on these topics when they lack expertise.

Gold explained that she wrote a little book on that topic titled, I Do Not Consent: My Fight Against Medical Cancel Culture, in order to teach readers how to “recognize propaganda in real time.”

“There's ultimately only two sources of information,” she said, “if you actually know the content yourself, or you know somebody that you trust that you personally vetted.”

“Now a little trick that you can use … is [to ask] what did the science or the data say prior to the controversy? What did the data in scientific journals say about hydroxychloroquine prior to 2020? What did the data in the scientific journals say about masks prior to 2020?” Gold advised.

“One of the ways I recognized that we were living through a lie was not because I'm a physician,” she said. “It's because I said to my physician peers, ‘how could you say (HCQ) is not safe? It's been around for 65 years. It's been studied up the wazoo, it's been given billions of times in massive doses for years to old people and immune compromised people and to babies and to pregnant women. How can you say it's not safe?’”

Thus, when a person said to her that they had a safety concern, “I knew that that wasn't true because of all the evidence prior to the controversy,” she concluded.

Medical Journals involved in propaganda at the behest of Big Pharma

Gold said such propaganda can even come through highly credentialled medical journals, including the case of The Lancet which had to retract a published study whose stated findings proposed dangers to the use of HCQ as a treatment for COVID-19. 

She also related a similar story regarding a JAMA study which she personally examined and characterized as “complete garbage,” to the extent that it had “almost like shaken me to my core” that such a piece of work could be published in a credible medical journal.

Getting to the bottom of the cause of this, Gold observed “when you look into it more deeply it turns out,” that “really the only advertisers” for such medical journals, “are pharmaceutical companies.”

Thus, these journals must “bow” to the desires of these big pharma corporations. She made reference to a video of the former health minister of France, Philippe Douste-Blazy, who revealed on a French news program that he was present at a meeting where the heads of at least two of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine, “admitted that they have to do what the pharmaceutical companies say.”

Don’t throw out your own common sense in favor of an expert

Gold further advised, “you should not throw out your own common sense in favor of an expert. That's not to say the expert may not be right. They may be right, but you should not automatically assume the expert is correct. You must find a source that you trust and believe. You must look for their motives.”

In the case of AMFD, she said, “we're volunteers” who are not paid by the government, or by pharmaceuticals, “we’re really not paid at all,” and thus she implicitly suggested this is one reason to consider her organization credible. 

Call to action: Sign and spread the petition

In response to projected vaccine mandates, Dr. Gold announced, “we are working on an initiative now to push back on policymakers and decision makers that want to mandate these experimental vaccines.”

AFLD is not primarily concerned with the government, but with private businesses mandating these injections, particularly schools and airlines.

She encouraged everyone to “go to and please sign the petition,” as it will “empower us to go to policymakers—really on your behalf—and explain that the American people, or people worldwide, don't want” these experimental vaccine or mask mandates.

“I can guarantee you we will be negotiating or discussing with policy makers, businesses, and airlines.”

“So, everyone who is listening, you must sign this petition, and you must share it because the more people we can show don't want these [mandates], the better the business leaders will listen to us.”

LifeSiteNews has produced an extensive COVID-19 vaccines resources page.  View it here. 


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The collapse of the AMOC "imminent"

To those of us following this this is not news 

A Major Ocean Current May Be Hurtling Towards Collapse


23 February, 2021

The ocean may have less time than we thought before massive, irreversible shifts take place. A new study finds that a crucial ocean system may reach its “tipping point” sooner than predicted if the rate of climate change continues at a breakneck pace.

When we talk about climate change, the concept of tipping points is basically adding fuel to the already nightmare fire. Scientists now agree that climate changes could drive crucial systems on our planet to change so much that they reach a tipping point where recovery is impossible and change is inevitable.

One of the most pressing worries scientists have when it comes to tipping points lies underwater. Specifically, the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation, known as the AMOC, which helps shepherd warmer water to the North Atlantic. Among other things, it helps ensure Europe has relatively mild winters given its high latitude. Messing with it could be one of the fastest ways to make not just the region’s but the world’s weather run amok.

In the new study published Monday in the Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences, scientists considered not just the amount of change to the oceans that could precede a tipping point, but also the rate of change. Think of it as the difference between pouring a cup of hot water very slowly into a bucket of cold water versus dumping it in all at once. While the same amount of water is being added both times, the rate at which water is being added is quite different

To measure the impact the rate of change may have on the AMOC, the new study ran several experiments on a global ocean model. The current has been under intense scrutiny in recent years because cold, fresh water from melting Greenland glaciers has essentially been causing the current to slow down, though not stop.

“The AMOC is at risk of collapsing when a certain level of freshwater flow into the North Atlantic from increasing ice melt in Greenland is reached,” Johannes Lohmann, one of the authors of the study, said in an email. “These tipping points have been shown previously in climate models, where meltwater is very slowly introduced into the ocean. In reality, increases in meltwater from Greenland are accelerating and cannot be considered slow.”

The study modeled the increase in freshwater flowing. Lohmann said using “a large ensemble of simulations, we systematically varied the rate of change and the ocean’s initial conditions, and investigated how the collapse of the AMOC depended on these factors.”

The models ended up showing that in some cases with a more rapid rate of change, the AMOC actually collapsed before previous predictions indicated it would. If we stick to the cup of water analogy, previous studies essentially found a full cup of hot water needed to be added to the bucket for collapse, but the new findings show dumping in the water faster means you need less than a cup to trigger the collapse. The study shows that “the safe levels of global warming before such a collapse occurs may be smaller than previously thought, and may also be difficult to predict with certainty,” Lohmann said.

This study isn’t the final word on how fast the AMOC may change. Some of the modeling Lohmann and his coauthors use may merit a closer and more critical look, Dave Sutherland, an associate professor in the department of Earth sciences at the University of Oregon, who was not involved in the study, said over email. Sutherland pointed out that the study does not account for some of the specifics of the location of freshwater in Greenland, even as the findings are “important and timely” to help determine the fate of the AMOC.

“Bottom line is I think this study is important and points out the complex dynamics inherent in our climate system,” Sutherland said. “I’m worried by the details (though I’m sure some reviewers were, too), and think there could be other climate feedbacks or unresolved processes that might change their results, if not their ultimate conclusions.”

Lohmann said that the study’s findings do need to be tested further, but pointed out that the possibility of a rapid AMOC collapse should sound an alarm bell.

“Due to the potentially increased risk of abrupt climate change in parts of the Earth system that we show in our research, it is important that policymakers keep pushing for ambitious short- and mid-term climate targets to slow down the pace of climate change, especially in vulnerable places like the Arctic,” Lohmann said.

Auckland heads back into lockdown over two cases

Covid-19: Auckland back in alert level 3, the rest of New Zealand alert level 2

Auckland is back at alert level 3 this morning, while the rest of the country has moved to alert level 2 following two new Covid-19 community cases that could not be directly linked to earlier cases.

The usually bustling Queen Street in Auckland during alert level 3 in December last year. Photo: RNZ / Amy Williams

Radio NZ,

27 February, 2021

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made the announcement at a briefing at 9pm last night saying that the alert level changes would come in from 6am today and would be in place for seven days.

She said Cabinet would assess the alert levels but it was likely that Auckland would remain in alert level 3 for the full seven days.

Ardern said the announcement comes after two new Covid-19 community cases that could not be directly linked to earlier cases.

One is the 21-year-old sibling of a student from Papatoetoe High School, despite the secondary school student showing no symptoms and testing negative three times.

The siblings' mother has also tested positive.

The 21-year-old was potentially infectious before testing positive and has not been self-isolating.

Genome sequencing is underway and Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield, who also spoke at last night's briefing, said it was likely the transmission route was via Papatoetoe High School.

The 21-year-old has done airport work but is not believed to have any interactions with the airside or contact with potentially infected people, Bloomfield said.

Watch the PM's latest briefing here (from another source):

The conditions of alert level 3 remain the same as last time.

Aucklanders are asked to stay at home in their bubbles other than for essential travel. If they do venture out, such as to essential retail stores, Aucklanders must maintain a 2m distance.

Children are asked to stay home from school in Auckland, although for essential worker parents who need to be at work, they will be open.

Supermarkets, pharmacies, petrol stations, and primary produce stories can remain open. Ardern urged people not to rush to supermarkets.

Businesses that normally operate on face-to-face basis are now asked to move to non-contact methods like click and collect or online ordering, she said.

Public venues will be closed, including playgrounds, libraries, cinemas, gyms, pools and markets.

Gatherings outside people's bubbles is prohibited with the exception of groups of 10 for wedding services, funerals and tangihanga. Public health measures will still need to be maintained in these events.

All sports games will need to be cancelled, including today's planned Auckland Round the Bays.

Travel into, out of or through the Auckland region is restricted while the region is at level 3. People who lived in Auckland but are currently away could return, and anyone who was in Auckland but did not live there could leave, Ardern said.

Those who are vulnerable with pre-existing conditions and older people are encouraged to stay at home where possible and take extra precautions where possible.

Aucklanders are asked to wear masks when they leave their house.

Level 2 for the rest of the country means business and schools remain open, but with social distancing.

People are asked to maintain a distance of 2m from others in public spaces and retail stores and in other places to stay 1m apart in places like workplaces, cafes, restaurants and gyms.

Masks are mandatory on public transport and encouraged where physical distancing is not possible.

Gatherings, including weddings and funerals, are limited to 100 people.

Travel in and out of Auckland is restricted, though people can return home if they can prove their address at the checkpoints.

Eight checkpoints on the outskirts of Auckland will stop vehicles and question drivers, ensuring there is no non-essential movement through the region.

Last night Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said people who lived in Auckland but are currently away could return, and anyone who was in Auckland but did not live there could leave.

People transiting through the region would be allowed to do so, and those who live just outside Auckland but need to enter for legitimate reasons will also get through the border checkpoints.

Police say they will be highly visible across the region to ensure people are aware of the alert level 3 restrictions.

Earlier this month when Auckland was in alert level 3, Ardern said that police checkpoints would be stationed at the legal boundary of Auckland.

That came after some confusion over the location of some of the police checkpoints.

Ardern announced the lockdown to control spread of Covid-19, after two new community cases were found in Auckland.

One of the patients could have been infectious since last Sunday.

Under alert level 3 Aucklanders can travel within their local area for essential work, groceries, and to exercise, but schools and public spaces are closed.

Schools are open for children whose caregivers or parents

The rest of the country is now at alert level 2.

What Jacinda thinks you ought to know:

What you need to know:
  • As of 6am Auckland entered Covid-19 alert level 3 and the rest of New Zealand went into level 2
  • It remains unclear how the latest community cases became infected
  • Road checkpoints at the Auckland's borders have been re-established by police
  • The Government's Covid-19 wage subsidy scheme has been triggered nationwide
  • There are several new locations of interest, which you can find here
  • Find out more about what alert levels 3 and 2 mean for you here.

Radio New Zealand has live wall-to-wall coverage HERE