Saturday 31 July 2021


This video from Sydney, Australia was labelled as "showing uniformed police officers TASERING citizens, tackling them, and force-vaccinating them in public"

Commenters on the ground have said it is not that. At best, one cannot distinguish what is going on.

But imagine how far we have gone when we say it is "ONLY" thuggish police beating people up for "violating the rules"


The VACCINATORS as superspreaders - COVID news 30 July, 2021

I have taken a couple of days off the blog but events don't stand still.

As I have formatted the piece here I am double-posting it.


Yesterday started with the news that Dr. Fauci announced that the VACCINATED can be superspreaders, "just like the vaccinated".

You would be hard-pressed to have heard this but in the following video you can hear it from the man's lips as well as the reaction of someone who thought he was doing the right thing by having the jab.

Here is the headline amazingly from the Guardian.

Fully Vaccinated People Are Contagious And Spread Delta Variant To The Unvaccinated Says CDC

People who have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 yet still get infected with the delta strain could transmit the infection to unvaccinated people, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky said Tuesday in justifying renewed recommendations for mask-wearing.

Fully Vaccinated People Are Contagious And Spread Delta Variant To The Unvaccinated Says CDC

“In rare occasions, some vaccinated people infected with the delta variant after vaccination may be contagious and spread the virus to others,” she told reporters on Tuesday.

“This new science is worrisome and unfortunately warrants an update to our recommendations.”

Previous recommendations from the agency were based on COVID-19 monitoring data that indicated vaccinated people rarely transmit the virus to others.

Walensky said CDC investigations have found that the amount of virus present in vaccinated people infected with Delta is similar to the levels found in unvaccinated people with Delta infections.


The main stories are about the "danger" the unvaxxed pose to the vaccinate and I woke to the following rumour that came from Jack Posobiec on Twitter.

"Word is leaking out of the White House this morning that federal authorities are actually going to try to impose a nationwide lockdown, all states, starting BY the second week of August and lasting "however long" they determine it necessary.    They will use the excuse that the "Delta Variant" is making everyone sick and killing a lot of people."

It is clear that there is panic among the elite.

"The War Has Changed" - Leaked CDC Report Claims Delta Spreads As Easily As "Chickenpox"

The CDC is clearly concerned that it's losing the PR war to convince Americans that they must mask up and get vaccinated. Because less than a week after declaring that it would revive its mask mandate, the CDC has just pulled a classic media trick: turning the fearmongering nob up to '11' by leaking an "internal report" that supports the official narrative (even making it look like the more moderate of two options) while laundering the source of the information by allowing a reputable news org to market the story as an "exclusive".

A slide deck apparently shared widely inside the agency in the weeks after it first lifted the original mask mandate in May shows that the delta variant appears to cause more severe illness in younger patients, while spreading as easily as "chickenpox." What's more, it warns that the vaccine's ability to spread via infecting the already vaccinated means the CDC should impose even more stringent guidance - the presentation called for "universal masking." The document "strikes an urgent note, revealing the agency knows it must revamp its public message to emphasize vaccination as the best defense against a variant so contagious that it acts almost like a different novel virus."


CNBC financial pundit Jim Cramer sounded the alarm about the Delta variant of the coronavirus, predicting that the U.S. could see 100 million people stricken by the disease “in 9 weeks.”

On Wednesday morning’s edition of The Street Live, Cramer delivered a dismal forecast based on recent market performance on the heels of news that the CDC would (and then did) revise mask guidelines in the face of the Delta variant.

I feel that this person ( a big source of disinformation) must have links to the CCP.

Israel Becomes First Country In World To Push 3rd COVID Shot For Already Vaccinated

In what's a likely sign of things to come elsewhere, Israel is now pushing a third jab, or follow-up booster for those who've already received their two vaccine rounds, for the elderly people over the age of 60.

Israel's prominent Haaretz newspaper revealed Thursday the country will be the first in the world to start doing so after government approval, writing that Israel "will start offering a third COVID vaccine shot to people over 60 starting on Sunday, after the Health Ministry approved the move on Thursday

Don Lemon - If you don't get vaccinated you don't get to eat

Professional attention-seeker Piers Morgan is leading the charge for unvaccinated people to face state-sanctioned discrimination after he asserted that those who haven’t had the COVID jab should be denied medical treatment.

“Those who refuse to be vaccinated, with no medical reason not to, should be refused NHS care if they then catch covid,” tweeted Morgan.

“I’m hearing of anti-vaxxers using up ICU beds in London at vast expense to the taxpayer. Let them pay for their own stupidity & selfishness.”

Philippines: the unvaccinated are now locked down in their homes, by order of President Duterte:

Duterte ordered village chiefs to prevent those in their communities who refuse to be vaccinated from leaving home.

“I am telling you, don’t leave your homes. If you go out, I will tell the police to escort you back to your house because you are a walking spreader,” Duterte said. “If you don’t want to help the country by getting vaccinated, then better stay in your homes.”

This is the ruling narrative across the media.

American Medical Association Calls for MANDATORY Covid Vaccines for ALL Healthcare Workers

The American Medical Association (AMA) along with the American Nurses Association (ANA), and other pharmaceutical groups want all medical workers in the United States to be subjected to mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations or face losing their jobs.

Ezekiel Emanuel, a Jewish bioethicist at the University of Pennsylvania and the brother of former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, organised a joint statement of nearly 60 medical groups demanding that all health care workers receive the jab or face unemployment for failing to comply.

Emanuel twisted the narrative, making it seem like medical staff themselves are demanding that the government enforce mandatory Covid jabs, by stating: “We have reached a confluence where health care workers want vaccine mandates, and the government is responding.

“I fully expect more health care employers – health systems, long-term care companies, pharmacies, and others– will mandate their employees get vaccinated.

“The nation will be better off for it,” Emanuel said.


This is what they were reporting from Australia yesterday.

Sydney at breaking point: Surgery is halted at three major hospitals, Covid tests are sent interstate, 300 ARMY personnel are brought in and contact tracers struggle with 800 mystery cases

  • Non-urgent surgeries have been paused at three major hospitals in Sydney
  • With Sydney 'drowning' in testing, Covid samples now also analysed interstate
  • Australian Defence Force will also assist NSW police with enforcing lockdown
  • On Thursday, NSW recorded 239 cases - the highest in pandemic since 2020 

NO INFORMATION is good enough the shift the NZ government and media from their narrative.

One every 90 seconds: 3500 jabbed at NZ's first Covid-19 mass vaccination event

New Zealand’s first Covid-19 mass vaccination event has begun – with more than 3500 people vaccinated on Friday.

More than 16,000 people are expected to turn out at the Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau, south Auckland, to get their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine over three days.

The roll-out hasn’t been without hiccups, as only about 3000 people of the first 12,500 invited to the event accepted, before the invitation was widened to a further 140,000.


Earlier in the month, Britain's Chief Scientific Adviser Patrick Vallance announced quite unambiguously that 60% of covid patients are double-jabbed but then unashamedly announced he "misspoke"

 No doubt the earlier news was scrubbed from the internet, to be replaced by new headlines.


EXCLUSIVE – Covid-19 deaths are rising and official data shows 87% of the people who have died were Vaccinated

Alleged Covid-19 deaths are on the rise again in the United Kingdom, with both England and Scotland seeing significant rises since the end of June, and we can exclusively reveal that the vast majority of people allegedly dying of Covid-19 had been vaccinated against it.

Public Health Scotland (PHS) have released a weekly report on Covid-19 statistics covering data on testing, vaccinations, hospitalisations and deaths. We’ve been studying the reports by the week and recently told you how the report released on the 23rd June 2021 announced that 5,522 people had died within 28 days of having a Covid-19 vaccine in Scotland.

Go back a week we have the news that the CDC is doing a Level 1 withdrawal of the PCR test - something that made alternative news and nowhere else.

See the CDC notice HERE

When I and others tried sharing a screenshot from the CDC it was labelled as "false information".

More data out of Israel.

Israeli Data Shows Natural Immunity MASSIVELY More Protective Than Vaccination

Nearly 40% of new COVID patients were vaccinated — compared to just 1% who had been positive previously

Coronavirus patients who recovered from the virus were far less likely to become infected during the latest wave of the pandemic than people who were vaccinated against COVID, according to numbers presented to the Israeli Health Ministry.

Health Ministry data on the wave of COVID outbreaks which began this May show that Israelis with immunity from natural infection were far less likely to become infected again in comparison to Israelis who only had immunity via vaccination.

More than 7,700 new cases of the virus have been detected during the most recent wave starting in May, but just 72 of the confirmed cases were reported in people who were known to have been infected previously – that is, less than 1% of the new cases.

Roughly 40% of new cases – or more than 3,000 patients – involved people who had been infected despite being vaccinated. [This is from mid-July, it’s even more than 40% by now.]

With a total of 835,792 Israelis known to have recovered from the virus, the 72 instances of reinfection amount to 0.0086% of people who were already infected with COVID.

By contrast, Israelis who were vaccinated were 6.72 times more likely to get infected after the shot than after natural infection, with over 3,000 of the 5,193,499, or 0.0578%, of Israelis who were vaccinated getting infected in the latest wave. [That’s after only a few months – it’s going to get worse.]

According to a report by Channel 13the disparity has confounded – and divided – Health Ministry experts, with some saying the data proves the higher level of immunity provided by natural infection versus vaccination, while others remained unconvinced.

The following article was posted by Dr. Malone. One of my readers suggested he was being 'sarcastic', which is something one might say if the information provided countervailing evidence.

Despite ‘Delta’ Alarmism, US COVID Deaths Are at Lowest Level Since March 2020, Harvard and Stanford Professors Explain

Far more people were dying from COVID-19 months ago as we were winding down restrictions than are dying today as some call to reinstate them.

If you  look at the following data it is hard to discern a Delta (or any other) variety.
It is also hard to see genocide.

I have to presume these statistics are accurate - something that is becoming harder.

 United States

United Kingdom




I think the changes can be put down to ivermectin.

Monday 26 July 2021

CDC Revokes Emergency Use Authorisation To RT-PCR For COVID-19 Testing

I wrote the following with an imaginary conversation with a friend who believes "the narrative" 


Over the weekend we got what SHOULD have been highly significant news that SHOULD have been major news everywhere.

It has come out through a number of sources:



CDC Revokes Emergency Use Authorisation To RT-PCR For COVID-19 Testing

The CDC has announced that they will revoke the emergency use authorization given to RT-PCR for COVID-19 testing.
CDC Revokes Emergency Use Authorisation To RT-PCR For COVID-19 Testing

On 21st July, 2021 the CDC gave out a Laboratory Alert revoking the EUA for RT-PCR tests to detect SARS-COV-2.

It has yet to make great waves amidst those sources that actually report on this stuff - you can forget about mainstream media,

And yet here it is, on the CDC website.


See the 07/21/2021: Lab Alert HERE

It is not "fake news" or a "conspiracy theory" although that is how the "factcheckers", who don't care about the facts, might characterise it.

By rights, as a lynchpin of the whole covid-19 narrative this should be revolutionary, and yet it won't - I can almost guarantee it.

For a start the CDC has announced it "will withdraw the request to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel" on December, 31.

A lot of water can go under the bridge between now and then. All it takes is for the WHO to ignore the advice, for the mainstream media and governments -  to ignore this advice.

To whit:

Fauci Says New Mask Guidelines For Vaccinated Americans Under "Active Consideration" Amid Delta Outbreak

Right at the time when I was hearing about COVID-19 testing I first heard about the PCR tests from "notorious conspiracy theorist", David Icke.  I put out the question what exactly is the "COVID-19 testing" they are using but I never got any response, from official channels at least.

And yet everything stems from that.

Every time you hear that that there has been a lockdown in Sydney, Melbourne or elsewhere it is all predicated on the number of cases - even where there are no deaths - and that is because of the PCR test.

And yet I am willing to wager that if you mention the PCR test you will get blank stares.

No one will have even heard of it, let alone understand its significance.

One who does is Christchurch-based GP, Dr. Sam Bailey.

The PCR test was invented by Kerry Mullis, who won the Nobel prize for it.
Here he explains the test that he invented. Ironically, he died of pneumonia a couple of months before covid-19.

It was a German, Dr. Christian Drosten, who was behind the current use of the PCR test that was taken up by the WHO and all the world governments.

If we try to interpret the meaning of all this we are in the realm of speculation or, in the words of the mainstream detractors of the truth - "conspiracy theory"

To reiterate, I doubt very much that this significant news is going to mean diddly-squat, at least at present - there is too much hanging on it. They want to get the population vaccinated and will use the fear-tactics of increasing cases from a Delta strain that does not exist in the sense that it is being sold to us.

Saturday 24 July 2021

Nature Bats no longer?

 Guy and Kevin stop their Nature Bats Last broadcasts 

I was alerted by a friend to this, the LAST show of Nature Bats Last. 

I am not privy to their considerations, however none of them seems at all happy. Guy, when he looks up from his paper (now I realise why their performances over the years have been so wooden) seems to have aged. 

Pauline Schneider after her smiley selfie being vaxxed at the local supermarket seems positively unwell. 

  Kevin looks his normal self.


Having spent some of the best years of my life defending Guy, the person (not the ideas, at least from those times - which I still deem to be correct - he does come up in my consciousness.

I still have questions about how Guy went from the retired academic, living at the "Mud Hut", in his famous warn-out jacket through his experiences in Belize to the man today, who seems to have no issues with money. 

 The last-but-one time I spoke to a usually-depressed Guy he was in a temporary apartment in Westchester County, New York. 

He then went from there to Florida and there to Vermont.  These are not among the poorest areas of the United States. 

  Purchasing a beautiful Victorian house
Intending to build on a property in Vermont, Pauline and I purchased a one-acre property in Middletown Springs, Vermont. As we occupied a small apartment in nearby Poultney, Vermont, we subsequently decided to purchase a beautiful Victorian house. As a result, we are selling the one-acre property at a bargain price. Details are included in the MLS here

Two pictures of the property are included below. If you would like to avoid realtor’s fees by purchasing the property directly from us, please send an email message to or 

We need housing, and we can no longer afford to rent.

Slumming it in luxury? 

  I wish Guy well in his retirement but have just one small question: 

  Where did the money come from? 

  and -  

  Where did the radical political views and the spiritual introspection go? 

 Since 2016, since leaving the Mud Hut, Guy and Pauline have moved location about 4 times, something that does not come cheaply

Meanwhile, I haven't gone anywhere. 

I did this video about 18 months ago ***

Wednesday 21 July 2021

Report from the Arctic - 20 July, 2021

Here is Margo's full report from two days ago.

Here is my summary, following on one from a month ago


The experts refer exclusively to sea ice extent an so doing provide a false picture of the real situation


There is a lot more methane being released than a few weeks ago but there is a suspicion that the algos are hiding the real situation (as discussed by Margo)

Margo has been monitoring global methane levels from what are now called Metop A and Metop B satellite. There has been a steady increase in levels so that already in mid-July levels are equivalent to about September last year.


This is how it looks today
The same time in 2020

Here are the last 30 days

This is from a different data set


Here are two different data sets representing sea ice concentration


In short, a mess.



The ice has gone from the Northeast of Greenland that has been present in previous years.

This is how it looked last year

There is a lot of cloud right now but I can identify that ice is breaking up quite close to the North Pole 

Zooming in