Friday, 17 June 2016

Schneller als gedacht: Paul Beckwith interviewed

Melting Arctic and Effect on Gulf Stream

Paul Beckwith is one of the leading experts in abrupt climate change. In my view he is a genius at explaining very complex issues in an understandable way. Very fast changes in the Arctic lead to climate chaos and even to changes of ocean currents. What are the consequences for weather patterns in Western Europe?

Part 1 about the habitual way of thinking, introduction into abrupt climate change and changes of the Gulf Stream.

Note by David Korn:

One of Paul’s very best.  This is five out of four stars on the Paul-O-meter.  And for those of you who might not yet have seen, Wolfgang Werminghausen has been producing excellent podcasts, often in English and uniquely so, alternating to his native German.  He is a large systems thinker, having worked in areas as disparate as finance and as a Gestalt Therapist.  His site, ‘Schneller Als Gedacht‘ we can agree, is aptly named ‘Faster Than Expected’.

Following Alex Smith’s lead at Radio Eco Shock (previous EcoShock Radio), he is part of the burgeoning podcast movement, emanating from SoundCloud, as Nick has similarly done at Relief Analysis.  Wolfgang is no less than either of these esteemed hosts, who are surely known for their craft, inclusiveness, and preparedness.  Add breadth to that list, too.  He is also closely tied to Carolyn Baker, who of course is a collaborator with and to Dr. Guy McPherson (note here, dk).

Part two will come out next Tuesday.  Without further ado, he begins:

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