Friday 24 June 2016

Brexit meets Abrupt climate change

Bremain Bounce Fades As "Biblical" Flooding Disrupts Vote

22 June, 2016

While cable holds near 2016 highs, it has begun to fade modestly from overnight exuberance as concerns over turnout due to torrential rain and flooding in the south of England are raising doubts about the Brexit vote outcome. With the majority of southern-England - most especially London - suffering "biblical" flooding, where the bulk of Britain's "remain" voters would be; as opposed to "balmy" weather in the rest of the country, perhaps the fade in cable and stocks is warranted?

People heading to polling stations to vote in the EU referendum have had to wade through deep waters, as torrential rain fell on parts of London and the south-east, flooding homes and causing severe travel delays.
London fire brigade said it had dealt with a day’s worth of calls in just 90 minutes, including buildings struck by lightning and flooded shops and houses.
Between around 1.30am and 3am our control officers took over 300 calls – around as many as they would receive in an average day,” a spokesman said.
The Environment Agency issued four flood warnings covering rivers in Bromley, Sidcup and Basildon, and 22 flood alerts across the south-east, with the showers expected to ease off mid-morning and intensify again during the afternoon.

And Sterling has begun to fade a little...
As "Remain"-prone southerners suffer...
Some have raised fears that driving rain could affect turnout, though many others reporting long queues at polling stations, despite the wet weather.
However, across the rest over the country, especially northern England and southern Scotland, voters are enjoying balmy weather, with sunshine and temperatures up to 20C, so the weather is unlikely to affect turnout in the majority of the nation.

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