Friday, 17 June 2016

Record-breaking temperatures coming to New Zealand

Somehow they contrive to report this without any reference of the great climate change elephant in the room.

Nothing is connected and everything is just is what is should be – friggin’ warm winter temperatures, leaves still on deciduous trees in June, raspberries and strawberries in winter.

I mean, el-Nino is over and NZ is a long way from the Arctic,or anyhwere else, so why worry?! Lol

Record challenging sub-tropical warmth returns to NZ next week
Image / Friday June 24th temperature map for 12noon shows the clear pull of sub-tropical air over New Zealand from near Fiji / Weathermap

15 June , 2016

Our year of temperature records being beaten or challenged continues - with yet another burst of warmer than average sub-tropical air expected for next week says

The weather news authority says a large high will drift east of New Zealand and turn into a 'blocking high'.  "Basically a blocking high is one that acts like an invisible brick wall to our east, allowing sub-tropical northerlies to spread across New Zealand and heavy rain is then possible in northern and western facing areas" says head weather analyst Philip Duncan.

"Much like other extra warm spells lately the mild airflow is being caused by a single large high pressure system, situated in the right place to drag down sub-tropical northerlies in the anti-cyclonic pin".

The warm record-challenging air will reach New Zealand around Wednesday to Friday next week.

A colder southerly flow will then return to New Zealand for the final weekend of June with yet another high rolling in behind that for the final days of June. says highs later next week in some areas will reach the low 20s with overnight lows well above freezing.

* has been talking about this warm spell for a week now on CountryTV forecasts, Sky Channel 81.

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