Tuesday 28 June 2016

Trump won't be allowed to win the US election

This corresponds with my own suspicions

Hillary Clinton is CHOICE of Entities that INSTALL Presidents; Trump Won't be ALLOWED to Win

Links below - including the sources on the neo-conservative and Republican power players support of Clinton over Trump:

As the the Dems fear monger and corporate media propagandizes to viewers about the danger of a Trump Presidency, the central point is deliberately ignored. 

Donald Trump can not win. Bernie Sanders just had his nomination stolen in a criminal act to ensure the installation of the corporate & military industrial power structure's servant. And, Donald Trump is NOT the choice of those entities either. 

Debbie calls out the absurdity on Bernie stating he will vote for Hillary because we need to stop Trump and holds him to account for his deafening silence on election fraud. 

Bernie Sanders Will Vote for Hillary Clinton to Stop Trump - with video of his actual statement:

Richard Charnin on California Theft:

Sane Progressive Video: Republican Power Interest Coming Over to Back Clinton - LOTS of links and sources in the video description including Republican for Hillary story:

How Hillary Clinton Sold Fracking to the World:

On TPP - Obama and Clinton BABY:

Obama hiding Clinton role in TPP refusing release of emails until AFTER election (one of the longer FOIA act requests processing in history):

But, never mind, we KNOW she was one of its architect per Wikileaks cable:

This has been distributed widely and yet I can see no official media reporting of the fact

LA and SF counties OFFICIALLY flipped - Sanders wins both!

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