Monday 20 June 2016

Debbie, tha Sane Progressive on US politics

Republican Neo-Con Elites Align with Clinton As Sanders Calls to Transform Democratic Party

This week, Richard Armitage has joined the growing ranks of Elite Neo-Conservative War Hawks supporting Hillary Clinton's Presidential bid. Additionally, high ranking Republican Political Operatives and Donors have aligned with her candidacy through Republican for Hillary as the corporate/military profiteers now seek to utilize the Democrats for the roles once served by the GOP. Decades of efforts to transform the Democratic Party into one of progressive representation have failed to the point, we are now seeing a NEW Republican Party form in its stead. Time to abandon failed strategies and LEAVE. Debbie breaks it down.
Politico Interview with Armitage:

Hillary Clinton Praises Bush Presidencies Courting Republican Voters

Republicans for Hillary/Campaign Courts Top Republican Donors and Operatives to make the case Hillary will serve Republican Interest better than their own party nominee:

CNN Article on State Department Demanding Regime Change in Syria to Fight Isis:

Wikileak Email Clinton Advocates Regime Change and War with iran:

Election Fraud Blog/Evidence of 2016 Democratic Primary Theft:

Jill Stein on Why Clinton More Dangerous Than Trump:

Sane Progressive Video on Why Clinton More Dangerous Than Trump (links in the video descriptions of these videos for specific sources):

On Foreign Policy:

Not Lesser of Two Evils - The Reality of Clinton Record Versus Trump's Words:

President Obama Opens Pacific Federal Waters to Fracking:

Obama Signs Koch Executive Order Expedite Pipelines:

Transpacific Partnership:

Leaked Cable - Syria Regime 


CIA CHIEF: War on Terror Created LOTS More Terrorists:

Election Fraud Lawsuit Update & California Theft; Sane Progressive Interview Bob Fitrakis

Interview with Bob Fritakis on Trust Vote/Institute for American Democracy & Election Integrity lawsuits and fraud that has occurred in California and the rest of t fifty states throughout the Democratic Presidential Primary election. I had a few tech/sound issues with Googe Hangout at very beginning of interview, so my apologies for any sound pops. Important updates and answers to your questions around the filings!
ELECTION FRAUD BLOG: ALL the information, sources, and links about what was discussed in the is video is compiled on the Blog. Rather than give you fifty links here, please go here, it is organized and compiled by state:

Please go to Trust Vote to DONATE DONATE DONATE to the lawsuit:

You can read about Bob Fitrakis and his bio on his Wikipage:

And, here is the bio of the lead attorney:

Please see my channel library for my entire video library on Election Fraud which documents the debacle that happened in the Democratic 2016 Primary Election since BEFORE Iowa voted:

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