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The Disunited Kingdom: Brexit - 06/26/201

The Disunited Kingdom

Things are unravelling very quickly. Not only are the Scottish determined to have another referendum on independence but are raising the possibility of a veto of Brexit but we have a majority of French ( a founding nation) want to have a referendum as well as another 7 nations

The elites of course have no intention of allowing the masses of ‘useless eaters” determine their own future.

Civil Uprising Escalates As 8th EU Nation Threatens Referendum

It appears, just as we warned, that Brexit was indeed the first of many dominoes. Even before the Brexit result, a poll by Ipsos Mori showed that the majority of people in France and Italy want to at least have a referendum on leaving:
Meanwhile, over 40% of Swedes, Poles, and Belgians are in the same boat.
But now, as Martin Armstrong notes, Brussels simply went too far. They cross the line moving from an economic union to a political subordination of Europe. Now eight more countries want to hold referendums to exit the EU – France, Holland, Italy, Austria, Finland, Hungary, Portugal, and Slovakia all could leave.


Research finds demand for U.K.-style membership votes in other EU countries

Research from Edinburgh University shows that 53 percent of French would like to hold their own vote on EU membership, and in Spain, Germany and Sweden more people are in favor of doing so than are opposed.

Marine le Pen, leader of the hard-right Euroskeptic party Front National, which wants France to hold an EU referendum, welcomed the research in a blog post, saying French demands for a referendum were “extremely encouraging.”

The Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says she may ask the Scottish parliament to block the UK’s exit from the EU. However, she doesn’t believe there should be any border between Scotland and England if the country gained independence from the UK.

Speaking to the BBC, Sturgeon said she would have no qualms asking parliament to veto legislation that would see the UK exit the EU.

"If the Scottish Parliament was judging this on the basis of what's right for Scotland then the option of saying look we're not to vote for something that's against Scotland's interest, of course that's got to be on the table."

IRISH nationalists are calling for a referendum on the unification of Ireland in the wake of the EU vote, saying there needs to be an "all-Ireland solution" to the "dangers" posed by Brexit.

And the political fallout....The Blairites are trying to use the situation to oust Jeremy Corbyn risking the division of the party into two factions – only one with any mass support.

The ‘Leave’ faction seems to be at a loss of where to go next while the ‘Remain’ are pointing the fingers at each other to explain how this all happened.

Jeremy Corbyn faces worst Labour crisis since 1935 as party is hit by mass resignations

This is what the week ahead will hold for Corbyn - if he can survive as leader that long

Jeremy Corbyn is facing the worst crisis to engulf any Labour leader since the pacifist George Lansbury was forced out of office in 1935.

Shockwaves from Thursday’s referendum caused Labour’s front bench team to disintegrate on Sunday, leaving its leader dangerously exposed.

Mr Corbyn is accused by critics of being at best half-hearted in his support for the Remain campaign. Labour MPs also fear that after the Conservative Party has chosen a new leader, the incoming prime minister will call a snap general election. One former Labour Cabinet minister forecast yesterday that if the party went into a general election with Mr Corbyn at the helm, they could lose 100 seats.

Today, the Labour leader is due to have a crisis meeting with his deputy, Tom Watson, who pointedly failed to speak up in support of the leader amid a flood of frontbench resignations, which is expected to continue today.

This is George Galloway's response

Figures on both sides of the debate have suggested the next Prime Minister should come from the Vote Leave campaign

Exclusive: Insiders in cross-party Britain Stronger in Europe (BSE) campaign tell The Independent Number 10 and Labour made a series of disastrous mistakes

With both David Cameron and George Osborne having vaporized and seemingly no one ready (or willing) to take charge in this transition period in which Cameron is no longer the effective PM, yet is unwilling to trigger Article 50, many have been looking to the presumptive next PM, Boris Johnson, to emerge and say a few encouraging words, which he seemingly evaded most of the weekend. However, at 10pm local time, a long overdue BoJo Op-ed graced the pages of the pro-Brexit telegraph, in which the former London mayor says that he "cannot stress too much that Britain is part of Europe – and always will be", writes that he believes "that this climate of apprehension is understandable, given what people were told during the campaign, but based on a profound misunderstanding about what has really taken place", but the key statement, and the one all of the understandably confused "Leave" voters will be looking for is Johnson's explanation of what he thinks will change. To wit:

The only change – and it will not come in any great rush – is that the UK will extricate itself from the EU’s extraordinary and opaque system of legislation: the vast and growing corpus of law enacted by a European Court of Justice from which there can be no appeal. This will bring not threats, but golden opportunities for this country – to pass laws and set taxes according to the needs of the UK.”

It remains to be seen if he can convince the Leave - and certainly Remain - camps (the latter, we doubt), especially since nowhere in the op-ed is the all important topic of Article 50 invoked, and more importantly, who and when will trigger it, perhaps the only issue which the markets demand clarity on at this moment.

Firms plan to quit UK as City braces for more post-Brexit losses

Chancellor to make morning statement to reassure markets as survey reveals negative business impact of EU vote

British businesses have warned that Brexit will trigger investment cuts, hiring freezes and redundancies as the consequences of leaving the European Union threaten to destabilise markets further this week.

The survey by the Institute of Directors (IoD), which found that the majority of businesses believed Brexit was bad for them, comes amid fears that investors will wipe billions more pounds off share values on Monday morning, and signs that the pound, which hit a 30-year low on Friday, was coming under further pressure from trading in Asia. Sterling was down more than 1% as the Asian markets opened late on Sunday.

George Osborne will make a statement on Monday morning ‎to provide reassurance about financial and economic stability in light of the referendum result and the actions that he and the rest of the government will be taking to protect the national interest over the coming period

Market turmoil fears likely to force Mark Carney to abandon ECB meeting

Bank of England governor may cancel Portugal visit as City expects further stock market battering on Monday over Brexit

The House of Commons petitions committee is investigating allegations of fraud in connection with a petition calling for a second EU referendum.

Its inquiry is focused on the possibility that some names could be fraudulent - 77,000 signatures have already been removed.

More than 3.2 million signatures are on the petition, but PM David Cameron has said there will be no second vote

Graun finally admits the sad truth about the ” 2nd referendum petition”

Well, the Guardian has – finally – acknowledged the reality of the hapless and discredited “2nd referendum petition, but only after an indecent interval, and when the Telegraph, HuffPo and other mainstream outlets already picked up the story.
And regrettably, they are still doing their best to sell us the flagging narrative of a “grassroots” response. “Overall, close to 2.5m signatures had been garnered from within the UK by Sunday lunchtime, making up an overwhelming proportion of the whole,” reads their last para…
……although it’s difficult to tell how many of these were genuine…..”
Hmmm. Sort of makes the first part of that sentence a bit redundant doesn’t it.
Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, the entire media and establishment have united to try and remove Corbyn before an early election is called and there is even a remote chance of a genuine anti-austerity pro-humanity prime minister in No 10.

More on that soon.

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair says that a second Brexit referendum should not be ruled out in the process of redefining the country’s relationship with the European Union (EU).

Blair made the comments in an interview with the BBC on Sunday, days after Thursday’s EU referendum, which saw Britain breaking away from the bloc by a 52-48 margin

CrossTalk: Bullhorns Brexit

The meaning of Brexit – the bigger picture. UK voters have rejected the EU and, importantly, they have rejected the political status quo. Today, sovereignty and national interest trump elite-driven internationalism.

CrossTalking with Alex Christoforou, Mark Sleboda, and Patrick Henningsen

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