Friday, 8 February 2019

SHOCKING! Ice to the south of Novaya Zemlya is breaking up - IN WINTER!!

Shocking news from the Arctic!

Here is Margo's latest report on methane and it contains shocking news. I have not heard it yet in its entirety but can bring the salient points.

The sun is beginning to come back to the Arctic

Just enough to reveal what really is going on at Novaya Zemlya.
You can see the area between Novaya Zemlya and the Siberian mainland. 
The sun is just starting to reappear and you can clearly see that the ice is breaking up - just as we might expect at the beginning of the melt season - not winter!

Going in closer you can see it more clearly 

This shows the surface water temperature in the same location
And an ice thickness somewhere between 0.5 and 1.0 meter

And a high degree of salinity in the water.

Here, finally, are the latest methane emissions with data from Sunday, 3 February to Tuesday 5 February.  The rest is from CAMS' forecasting period.
i have zoomed in so you can see it more clearly 

Right now all our worst fears are being realised.
I do not expect for one minute for the “authoritities” who we all expect to inform us to bring this information.
We are on the outside of that particular Club.
Perhaps this should be seen in the context of this which was cited in Margo's video. Is this what all the seismic activity is about?

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