Thursday, 28 February 2019

Pakistan hints at nuking India

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has called an emergency meeting of his cabinet to take stock of the situation.

Pakistan hints at nuking India after cross-border airstrikes roil the white-hot feud
  • India on Tuesday launched airstrikes across its border with Pakistan in a military escalation after a terror attack in Kashmir left 40 Indian troops dead.
  • Pakistan immediately convened a meeting of its nuclear commanders and issued a thinly veiled nuclear threat to India.
  • The airstrike from India involved nuclear-capable aircraft and, according to India, killed up to 300 militants. B ut Pakistan said the Indian jets were chased off and killed no one.
  • With China closely backing Pakistan and the US supporting India, Pakistan and India’s rivalry has long been seen as a potential flash point for a global nuclear conflict.
  • Both sides appear to be out for blood as gun fighting cracks off on the border and Indians around the country celebrate what they see as vengeance for the terror attack.

27 February, 2019

At a press conference in response to the airstrikes, Ghafoor issued a veiled nuclear threat to India.

We will surprise you. Wait for that surprise. I said that our response will be different. The response will come differently,” Ghafoor said at a press conference.

Ghafoor added that Pakistan had called a meeting of its National Command Authority, which controls the country’s nuclear arsenal.

You all know what that means,” Ghafoor said of the nuclear commanders’ meeting in a press conference he posted to Twitter.

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But India has nuclear weapons and means to deliver them, too. Additionally, both countries maintain large conventional militaries that have become increasingly hostile in their rhetoric toward each other.

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Escalationwould lead to situation out of Narendra Modi's and my control: Imran Khan

In a televised national address, Imran Khan said it was not a time to let the military forces of either nation take over, as it would only lead to more number of deaths.

  • The Pakistan premier added, "I have said this before and I am repeating it. If India wants to hold a dialogue, we are ready"
  • Imran Khan referred to the biggest wars in the history of mankind to futher cement his point that a military conflict cannot be a solution to issues between nations
  • Imran Khan softened his stand after duly reminding India that Pakistan did offer all assistance and support in the investigation into the Pulwama attack

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