Thursday, 21 February 2019

David Icke excluded from Australia

Australia revokes David Icke's visa in attack on free speech

Here is David Icke talking about the dangers of 5G.

The zionists in Australia are crowing.
David Icke is someone I like to listen to from time-to-time. He is very close to the truth much of the time but there is a lot that is frustrating.

But why,in God's name should people not be allowed to listen to him.
The lamestream media always cites his views on 'lizards' in an attempt to discredit him.

In everything that I have watched I have yet to hear this talked about and apart from hit pieces by VICE and the BBC I had to search to find anything on this.

I must say, as a metaphor, I find it quite compelling

Conspiracy theorist David Icke hits back after Australia revokes visa
Former British footballer and sports broadcaster just hours away from boarding flight for speaking tour

America Is A One Party State 
- David Icke

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