Thursday, 28 February 2019

Pakistan is moving troops and nuclear weapons

This is a very good analyis of the conflict between India and Pakistan. Once again, Hal Turner is one of the few even talking about this.

The following information still has to be confirmed.

When I was growing up it was the Left that opposed the corporations, marched against war and opposed nuclear weapons.

Now they seem to have nothing to say about any of this.

I find it supremely ironic that I have to look to a “right-wing bastard” like Hal Turner to talk about something that is both extremely worrying and practically ignored by the entire media

Is war coming between India and Pakistan?

This show outlined the events taking place between India and Pakistan, and revealed to the world for the first time anywhere, that Pakistan has begun moving Transporter-Erector-Launcher trucks CARRYING NUCLEAR-ARMED MISSILES, out of their storage depots.

In addition, Pakistan today ordered 50,000 troops to depart their facilities in Balochistan, heading for the India Border.

India, for its part, has turned over control of National Highway 1-A to their military. This is the northernmost east-west Highway in India. The ONLY reason to do something like that is to create a military logistics supply train for war against Pakistan.

Moreover, India has had a non-stop train of C-17 Globemaster III military cargo aircraft shuttling troops and warfighting gear toward the Pakistan Border. India has begun rationing fuel to preserve supplies for Military and police, and ordered full, complete and absolute distribution of ALL FOOD in government warehouses, to merchants so their people will have food . . . . when . . . .

All signs and events taking place in both India and Pakistan point to actual war.

If these NUCLEAR-ARMED countries engage in a nuclear exchange, the radiation and smoke will reach the east coast of the USA within 72 Hours, and will cover all 48 contiguous states within another 72 Hours. The show outlined HOW TO PREPARE and what to do when those who fail/refuse to prepare, come screeching for your help because THEY failed to act.

Here is the first hour of the show in which he gives background and reporting of events.

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  1. Hi. Love your blog and read it often. But please avoid hyping a serious conflict when in fact things are clearly de-escalating.


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