Sunday, 24 February 2019

The vomit of a liberal "debunker"

"If you speak the truth about cliante change but want to deny an easy fix you are a climate change “denier” "

There is nothing quite like the insane anger of liberals these days. This one suffers from classic mental proliferation'.

May I return the complement?

I will leave it up to you to decide whether it is Jennifer Hynes and myself that are the sociopaths,not to say who has the EVIDENCE

The contribution of a liberal sociopath

People who laugh at the pain of others are called sociopaths, Jennifer. You sound like one. Totally a bunk science channel here. Of course if your logic can't hold up to a debunker you will call them a bullshitter. Debunking is part of the scientific process. I think that the trend by catastrophists to say they don't have to go through the rigorous scientific process out of their lazy, narcissistic entitlement and immature argumentation that they already know everything is foolish and dangerous. This is also called confirmation bias. There just isn't enough data to call the methane bomb a primary threat.

The real methane emergency is caused by human activity - if you actually read this - you'd learn that. The Arctic Methane impacts are a tiny fraction of what we are doing....From David Archer, PhD and actual methane expert. Are you a methane hydrate expert? Of just looking for the story you want to buy into to be confirmed for your bias? That's not objectivity. It's not how science is done. Actual experts say this is in it's infancy and we don't know. Not knowing, is not a good place for jumping off to conclusions no one can yet make.


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  1. Michael Mann, the liar in chief;