Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Iranian FM Zarif has submitted his resignation

From Pepe Escobar, via Facebook


Iranian FM Zarif submitted his resignation in the middle of the night yesterday, via Instagram. Officially, it has not been accepted – yet.

It all depends on what Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei will say.

Zarif, quoted by Iranian media, blamed it all on the – significant – fact that he was not invited to meet Bashar al-Assad, who was in Tehran yesterday. As FM, he had to be there, of course. Apparently he was not even informed of the visit.

This is extremely serious. The Syria dossier is run by the IRGC. For the IRGC, the Iran nuclear deal is as good as dead. Zarif was instrumental in negotiating the JCPOA. Not hard to do the math.

If Zarif goes, Rouhani is extremely weakened. This is a developing story. I hope to have more in the hours ahead. Stay tuned.

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