Monday, 25 February 2019

Reports of American military intervention in Venezuela

US Airforce plane reportedly lands in Colombia

Hal Turner's heart is anywhere but in the right place but he may be right about this

The C-146A aircraft, known as "Wolfhound" has a primary mission of providing U.S. Special Operations Command flexible, responsive and operational movement of small teams needed in support of Theater Special Operations Commands.

Airlift missions are conducted by Air Force Special Operations Command aircrews to prepared and semi-prepared airfields around the world.

Four hours or so ago, one such flight was on final approach to Bogota, Colombia as shown below:

It is now beyond question that the United States has, in fact, deployed Special Ops troops into Colombia.   It seems quite clear they are likely heading into Venezuela.
As such, it seems quite apparent to any reasonable observer that the military situation between the United States and Venezuela is "going hot."

Moreover, he reports:

A USAF RC-135W [ID 62-4130 BEEF88] departed San Juan, Puerto Rico for a mission off the northern Venezuela coast. The aircraft is using a false Mode-S hex code of '3F9857' to identify itself to other air traffic.

What do the Americans have in mind?

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