Tuesday, 26 February 2019

The skies over Lower Hutt

I just blocked someone on Facebook for having the barefaced cheek of trying to tell me what to say and what NOT to say. The only person to decide that is ME. Otherwise it will be taken as a THREAT

The “clear, blue skies" of Lower Hutt

A clear, blue sky in Lower Hutt....or is it?
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Once again my piece of tinted glass shows otherwise.
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When I was growing up the skies were clearer than anywhere in the world and the sun was harsh, even when a cold wind was blowing.
It's no longer the case.

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  1. Good mourning SeeEverMore: if you haven't please see the Nature Mag article (in Faster Than Expected): 'A World Without Clouds'. As one who will not care to exist without them (i'd been happy to send those particular thoughts your way), they've finally caught up with my heart's senses and ability to connect the dots. Thank you for your impassioned work. rogue composer