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Saudi links to 9/11?

Saudi Royal family directly linked to 9/11 attacks? Investigation blocked by US government!

Everyone missed this! Reading between the lines true or not WHY did the Whitehouse block the investigation? Oil Oil Oil Oil Senator Accuses Bush of Cover-Up -

Saudi Royal Ties to 9/11 Hijackers Via Florida Saudi Family?

Just two weeks before the 9/11 hijackers slammed into the Pentagon and World Trade Center, members of a Saudi family abruptly left their luxury home near Sarasota, leaving a brand new car in the driveway, a refrigerator full of food, fruit on the counter — and an open safe in the master bedroom.

In the weeks to follow, law enforcement agents not only discovered the home was visited by vehicles used by the hijackers, but phone calls were linked between the home and those who carried out the death flights — including leader Mohamed Atta — in discoveries never before revealed to the public.

Ten years after the deadliest attack of terrorism on U.S. soil, new information has emerged that shows the FBI found troubling ties between the hijackers and residents in the upscale community in southwest Florida, but the investigation wasn't reported to Congress or mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report.

Former U.S. Sen. Bob Graham, the Florida Democrat who cochaired the bipartisan congressional Joint Inquiry into the attacks, said he should have been told about the findings, saying it "opens the door to a new chapter of investigation as to the depth of the Saudi role in 9/11. ... No information relative to the named people in Sarasota was disclosed."

The U.S. Justice Department, the lead agency that investigated the attacks, refused to comment, saying it will discuss only information already released.

The Saudi residents then living at the stylish home, Abdulazzi al-Hiijjii and his wife Anoud, could not be reached, nor could the then owner of the house, Esam Ghazzawi, who is Anoud's father. The house was sold in 2003, records show.

9/11: Was Saudi Arabia Involved?

Reuters has reported that the majority of the 9/11 Commission's investigative records remain sealed in Washington DC's National Archives, even though the Commission told the Archives to make most of this material public in 2009. Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan authors of the book, 'The Eleventh Day: The Full Story Of 9/11 And Osama Bin Laden' join the show to help clear up some of the mysteries of 9/11.

Is the West Suffering Alzheimers Listening to Terrorist Supporting Prince Turki bin Faisal Al Saud?

21 January 2015,  United States main stream media outlet CNBC had the nerve to publish quotes from Prince Turki bin Faisal Al Saud of Saudi Arabia. Here is the story they ran with.

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Whats the problem with the words of Prince Turki bin Faisal Al Saud? Has the United States forgot to check out who this man even is or what he has stood for in his corrupt career as a criminal and known sponsoring of terrorism?
CBS ran a story 15, August 2002
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Within the story (which can be read here):
It states:
Some 600 relatives who lost loved ones in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks have filed a $100 trillion lawsuit against the Sudanese government and Saudi officials, banks and charities, claiming they helped finance Osama bin Laden’s network.
However, lead attorney Ron Motley said Friday that the $100 trillion complaint was being amended and would likely be scaled down asking for damages in excess of $1 trillion in future filings.
“It’s not the money. We want to do something to get at these people,” said Irene Spina, whose daughter, Lisa L. Trerotola, 38, died in the World Trade Center in New York City. “There’s nothing else we can do.”
“This is the right thing to do,” said Matt Sellito, father of Matthew Carmen Sellito, 23, who also died at the World Trade Center. “If the odds are stacked against us, we will beat them.”

The complaint names more than seven dozen defendants, including the government of Sudan, seven banks, eight Islamic foundations and three Saudi princes.

Those listed include Prince Mohammed al-Faisal, former intelligence chief Prince Turki al-Faisal, Saudi Defense Minister Prince Sultan, Khalid bin Salim bin Mahfouz of the National Commercial Bank and the Faisal Islamic Bank.
Officials from the Saudi Embassy did not return a call for comment.
1 March 2003, The Guardian ran this story:
http://www. theguardian .com/world/2003/mar/02/september11.politics
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Inside the story it reads:
Based on sworn testimony from a Taliban intelligence chief called Mullah Kakshar, they allege that Turki had two meetings in 1998 with al-Qaeda. They say that Turki helped seal a deal whereby al-Qaeda would not attack Saudi targets. In return, Saudi Arabia would make no demands for extradition or the closure of bin Laden’s network of training camps. Turki also promised financial assistance to Mullah Omar. A few weeks after the meetings, 400 new pick-up vehicles arrived in Kandahar, the papers say.
Kakshar’s statement also says that Turki arranged for donations to be made directly to al-Qaeda and bin Laden by a group of wealthy Saudi businessmen. ‘Mullah Kakshar’s sworn statement implicates Prince Turki as the facilitator of these money transfers in support of the Taliban, al-Qaeda and international terrorism,’ the papers said.
From the website:
http://www. globalsecurity .org/military/world/gulf/turki-bin-faisal.htm
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Inside that story :
A few days after 9-11, an aircraft carrying 31 Saudi nationals departed the United States. Some reports claim that among the passengers was Prince Turki bin Faisal. One of Prince Turki’s brother was also said to be on board the flight.
On 15 August 2002, he was one of three Saudi princes sued for allegedly helping to finance the terrorist attacks of 11th September 2001, the other two being Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz and Prince Mohammed bin Faisal. The lawsuit sought damages from members of the Saudi royal family, Saudi banks and Saudi corporations, who had extensive financial holdings in the US.
Among the defendants were two prominent members of the Saudi royal family, Prince Sultan bin Abdelaziz al-Saud, the defense minister, and Prince Turki bin Faisal, Saudi ambassador to Britain. The suit alleges that Prince Sultan “publicly supported and funded several Islamic charities that were sponsoring Osama bin Laden” and that Prince Turki negotiated a deal in which Al Qaeda agreed to end efforts to subvert the Saudi monarchy in exchange for a Saudi promise not to extradite terrorist leaders.
In 2002, he was appointed the Ambassador of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and took up his post on 28 January 2003.
In March 2004 it was reported that information assembled by German intelligence analysts revealed that a pair of private Saudi companies linked with suspected Al Qaeda cells in Germany and in Indonesia also had connections to the Saudi Arabian intelligence agency and its longtime chief, Prince Turki bin Faisal.
On 19 January 2005 a US federal judge dismissed Saudi Arabia from 9/11 suits. Richard Casey ruled that Saudi Arabia, Saudi Defense Minister Prince Sultan Prince Turki al-Faisal, and the country’s ambassador to Britain HRH Prince Turki Al-Faisal, all had immunity from the litigation.
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On 20 July 2005 the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques issued his orders to start the process of nominating HRH Prince Turki Al-Faisal for the post of Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the United States of America.
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Just GOOGLE search “Prince Turki bin Faisal al Saud 9/11″ and you will come up with enough reading material for a month. Prince Turki bin Faisal al Saud is a dirtbag who has been financing terrorism, and supporting terrorism since before the 11 September 2001 attacks on the twin towers in the United States.
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I find it appalling that any source claiming to be a credible news source would print anything quoted from one who has directly worked with and funded terrorism, PERIOD!

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