Wednesday 28 January 2015

More political scandal for National

Another scandal, involving Northland MP Mike Sabin. that should, by rights, come home to bite the government.

However, the public of NZ voted for Key, despite revelations of dirty politics and deep corruption and the government is up in the latest polls.

21 December, 2014

Police have been investigating an assault complaint against government MP Mike Sabin.

The investigation is related to events in Northland, but detectives working on the case are based in Waitemata, north Auckland.

The investigation was moved south from Whangarei because Sabin was a police officer based there until 2006.

The officer in charge, Detective Inspector Kevin Hooper, refused to confirm Sabin was the subject of an investigation.

PM won't comment on Sabin investigation

Prime Minister John Key. Photo / Mark Mitchell

27 January, 2015

Prime Minister John Key has refused to comment on reports National MP Mike Sabin is under investigation by police but said he would be surprised if Mr Sabin was not at Waitangi this year as the local Northland MP.

Reports surfaced late last year police were investigating an assault complaint laid against Mr Sabin in Northland but neither he, the Prime Minister or Police have confirmed that.

Asked repeatedly about Mr Sabin yesterday, including when Mr Key learned of the allegations or whether Mr Sabin would be returning, Mr Key said he had nothing to say "at this time."

"If I have something to say on it I will, but I don't at this point."

He did not know if Mr Sabin, the MP for Northland, planned to attend Waitangi Day celebrations as part of National's delegation. However he would be surprised if Mr Sabin did not go as the local MP. "Let's wait and see." He had not spoken to Mr Sabin this year or other than when caucus met last year.

The Herald was told by National Party sources last year there are discussions about potential candidates in case of a byelection. Mr Key refused to comment on that also. Mr Sabin, 46, is also the chair of the law and order select committee in Parliament. He lives at Coopers Beach with his partner. He entered Parliament in 2011 after long-term Northland MP John Carter left. Police said they did not usually respond to queries about whether an investigation was going on. Mr Sabin did not return calls.

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