Sunday 25 January 2015

American soldier caught on camera in Mariupol, Ukraine

BREAKING: Uniformed, Armed American Caught on Camera in Mariupol

An American mercenary caught on camera at 2’:35” in Mariupol among the junta's special forces,talks but hides his face

From Facebook

24th January 2015, city Mariupol, occupied territory of Donetsk republic.
Two foreign mercenaries were found today in the Kiev junta videos from city Mariupol.
Today, in order to prevent liberating of city Mariupol Kiev junta made bloody provocation. Kiev junta forces shelled by MLRS "Grad" district "Vostochniy" of Mariupol. From this district army of Donetsk republic going to liberate city. Kiev junta shelled Mariupol from village "Stariy Krym" there located MLRS "Grad". Inhabitants of Stariy Krym in phone calls to relatives in the Mariupol confirmed launch of Grad missiles from their village. Citizens of Mariupol saw that from side of Kiev junta throw whole city flew Grad missiles. Kiev junta killed today 20 and wounded about 90 inhabitants of city Mariupol. 

The aim of Kiev junta was to blame army of Donetsk republic in this crime. So, local TV channel sent reporter to make "right" video. First soldier in uniform of Ukrainian army whom she tried to questioned about situation answered her by American English. Try to imagine it, first "Ukrainian" soldier who came to her way was US mercenary. He screamed to her: "Out of my face! Out of my face, please!" by fast US accent and cover face by arm. You see him in the first photo.

Second mercenary was found in the video of fascist battalion "Azov". Azov made own propagandist video about this shelling in the Mariupol. This foreign mercenary don't hide face in the video, because his colleague recorded him. By accent he could be from Britain or Scandinavian countries. Anyway, he is illegal mercenary, terrorist, who wear uniform of Ukrainian army with shoulder patch "Azov". You see him in the second video. 

Both video about mercenaries were uploaded to official channels of owners of video: "Mariupol city news" and "Azov".

So foreign mercenaries in the city Mariupol are something ordinary for them.

Official Melitopol News video with first mercenary watch at 2.34…
Short video of mercenary…
Official Azov video with second mercenary, watch from 14.17 till 15.15
Short video of mercenary…
By Konstantin

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