Tuesday 27 January 2015

Brakdown in Ukraine - 01/26/2015

Right Sector prepares to seize power in Kiev

By Yurasumy

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The terrorist organization Right Sector is building up its armed presence in Ukraine: it is forming a reserve volunteer battalion in Kiev. This move was announced by Right Sector press service.

I am ordering to create a reserve battalion in Kiev with the designation of ‘13th Reserve Battalion of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps ‘Right Sector’,” says the order issued by the battalion commander, Andrey Strempitskiy.

The new battalion will be led by a fighter with the call-sign Khorvat [Croatian] and his deputy will be “Byes” [Devil].

There are a number of interesting aspects to this announcement.

No. 1. This is already the Thirteenth battalion. Considering that each battalion has approximately 300-350 members, one can imagine how many militants the Right Sector will have at its disposal in the near future.

No. 2. The term “Reserve”. This implies the battalion will represent a Right Sector “garrison” in Kiev. I’m sure similar battalions will be issued in other big cities. The purpose is self-evident, namely influence over Ukraine’s internal politics. Naturally this implies reliance on relatively youthful “ultras), who will be used under Right Sector flag to “reformat” Ukraine’s internal political system.

The preparation for reformatting the junta (which we could call an overthrow) has entered a new phase. Local military formations are being openly formed (their status implies at the very least the possession of automatic weapons) in order to strengthen their positions in the regions. The mass media is already creating a wave of “it’s all Poroshenko’s fault”, officials loyal to him (minister of defense, general staff chief, prosecutor general) are being dismissed. But the most important thing is that Poroshenko alone is being blamed for everything that had gone wrong on the Donbass (granted, not by all media, but by the hawkish ones). Interesting that the fight against “murderization” [i.o.w., mobilization] was framed, thanks to the timely statements by Katsaba, in terms of “sure, we’ll fight, but only if martial law is introduced, so it should be introduced,” “we are being called up because the security forces—police, prosecutor’s office, tax police, internal affairs, children of the elite—do not want to fight.” Therefore the circle of enemies has been personified.

Conclusion: The pro-US junta is doing everything to solve all problems simultaneously. One has to somehow deal with the popular discontent and deprive Poroshenko of any actual power. The simplest way is to head a protest movement and organize an overthrow. Not important whether political or military. It is important to be ready for any turn of events. That’s why the Right Sector is forming reserve battalions.

Kiev Bulldogs Are Fighting Under the Capet

 By ua_katarsis

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Everyone knows that the Kiev ruling elite has never been monolithic. Now, after yet another failure of Donetsk “pacification”, it’s time for another round of under-the-surface dogfights whose results we can only guess at.

Here’s the interesting thing: Poroshenko is the only one who has not blamed Russia for shelling Mariupol. By comparison, here are Turchinov’s words: “The blood of the people killed there, and of many other Ukrainians, is on the hands of the Russian President Putin, whose orders are being implemented by the criminals.” And here’s Yatsenyuk: “The world must stop the aggressor that is posing a threat to Ukraine, Europe, and world security. The problem is not in Donetsk, not in Lugansk, but in the hero-city Moscow. Moscow, Kremlin, Vladimir Putin.” Poroshenko, on the other hand, said the following: “The so-called DPR and LPR ought to be classified as terrorist organizations. It’s time to name their sponsors as well.”

Today, on 1/26/2015, at the Defense and Security Committee meeting, a decision was made to file a suit with the Hague Tribunal, and also to request the Council of Europe to declare LPR/DPR terrorist organizations.

Then there are the personnel changes: Poroshenko gave a preliminary agreement to dismiss Prosecutor General Yarema (Kolomoyskiy succeeded in gathering 120 Rada deputy signatures out of 120 needed) and discuss the matter of dismissing General Staff chief Muzhenko.

Yatsenyuk’s positions are growing stronger. The Ministry of Justice (under the control of his man Petrenko) acquires the functions of the eliminated executive and registrative services. Considering that now private enterprises may implement court decisions, it will be interesting who will get the collection services market (which is where former bandits gravitate).

And the most unexpected development: the newly appointed “Varangian” [reference to his foreign citizenship] Ayvaras Abromavichus signed the Ministry of Economic Development Decree No. 39/27 from 1/22/2015 that prohibits enterprises owned by Kolomoyskiy and Firtash to participate in bidding for government properties/services beign privatized. We’ll soon see who will fatten themselves here…

A whole village in Odessa region kicks out the military recruiters in protest of mobilization

January 26, 2015
Alexander Ignatiev - Politnavigator
Translated by Kristina Rus

In the village of Kulich, Odessa region, locals rebelled against mobilization and expelled military officials from the village.
According to local residents, they learned in advance, that 240 army summons are coming to the village, and in a few minutes about 500 people gathered in the center. Six representatives from the military showed up to give out the mobilization papers, but were not met with understanding from the local population, writes the newspaper "Timer".
In response to the statement that refusal from mobilization shall be punished by law, the people began to shout "No to war!" and "We are for peace!", recalling that the country has not yet declared a martial law, and that the Minsk agreements have not been canceled. In this regard, the people refused to accept the summons, called the new wave of mobilization illegal and forcible, and kicked out of the military reps from their village.
People wrote an official address to the local authorities, calling mobilization illegal. They declared that they refuse to join the army, and any attempt to pick up their loved ones by force will be sabotaged by the entire village.

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