Friday 27 December 2013

Californian radiation readings

Northern California Beach Reading 500 CPM on 12/20/2013 - clarification

A few days ago I posted a story from a Green Road on high readings (up to 500 cpm) recorded on North Californian beaches.

As the above video did not make mention of 500 cpm readings, I posted the following comment on the website:

This is important, The video taken by Dave records levels around 150 cpm, but nowhere does he take reading from the ground. Jeff Rense describes him taking measurements of 500 cpm, but nowhere is this confirmed or substantiated. As this is such a mind-blowing reading it is important that it is. Thanks

This is the reply I received back on this subject:

Dr Good Heart - You are correct.. that is why are are asking people with Geiger Counters to get out on the beaches (but safely) from Alaska to Mexico and measure the sand, seaweed, critters washed up, (if any are left). If it reads higher than background, collect some in a sealed container and contact us so we can facilitate getting it tested to find out what is in it.

Since then, Mimi German who has set up a site, Radcast for recording radiation levels has made the following comments. All in all, some caution in these matters is required.

I am having very many many doubts as to the validity of the count, which I WILL NOT repost here, from Northern Cal which has made all of us, including myself, run to the coast to do more testing. It has been brought to my attention that perhaps this test or test methods or reporting of the test and its methods(!) were careless and perhaps done to create a panic to wake us up. Well, I fell for it. CREDIBILITY is key. I feel very strongly about this.

No Nukes NW will not be used as a tool to spread panic and false reads. We have worked too hard at joining others who have worked too hard to let our cred go down the drain for someone's decision to put out shoddy or dramatic info which was , to say the least, careless. I am removing those from this site to prevent further harm to our minds, psyche's, quest for the truth, and knowledge to share”.

None our sites anywhere has been able to corroborate the high counts that were previously posted by another. None. We will still go the ocean, test sand and see what we see. We will report back to you this afternoon. I DO NOT appreciate alarmists who create alarms just to wake people up. This is a BAD BAD BAD method. Again, it won't be used here or in RadCast."

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