Wednesday 25 December 2013

Apathy and denial in the face of Armageddon

A Green Road - Fukushima Creates Fatalism, Apathy, Denial - Armageddon Complex

Artist Thomas Ackermann comments on the apathy, fatalism, denial and Armageddon Complex that a lot of people develop when confronted with a Fukushima mega nuclear disaster event.

We can live in a vision, that 'we
 are living in state of INNER light and INNER love, together as ONE. No more outer laws, or outer values like money.. as presented in the song 'Imagine'. We can have a bright and loving future. It is our choice. 

The focus to make it work; what works for seven future generations without doing harm?

We have a lot of power. Our Bright FUTURE/PRESENT is here now, but we have Free WILL.

We can choose to give up, check out, and fail to create it. 

Or we can embrace the vision. We can make a better future a reality, by choosing this vision with FREE WILL, and then MANIFESTING it.

On the one hand, the vision is about exposing what does NOT WORK, and on the other, it is embracing the light, the love and incorporating it into our lives, our work, our hobby, and our consciousness, every day, through our DAILY ACTS, THOUGHTS, and EMOTIONS.

A Green Road Magazine - 
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