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Sergei Lavrov: "too many pussies"

Sergey Lavrov pinpoints America’s ‘Pussy Riot’ (VIDEO)

15 October, 2016

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov humorously puns on the name of the Russian underground rock group Pussy Riot to ridicule the US Presidential election.

It is official, the US election has become a Pussy Riot and here’s why.

Sergey Lavrov recently gave an English language interview with Christine Amanpour, a British born Iranian journalist with blood relations to members of the former Imperial Iranian military.

During her interview with Mr. Lavrov, Amanpour posed a leading question, asking the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation what he thought of “Donald Trump’s pussy riot moment”.

The question of course refers to a group of subversive individuals known as ‘Pussy Riot’, a putative musical band from Russia who display no signs of musical training nor talent.

In their time they performed public stunts whose obscenity was so overwhelming that they would be cautioned and arrested for doing similar things in any country in the world, including the West. But because their obscene performances took place in Russia, Western media rallied to their defence when they were arrested for their anti-social behaviour.

Interestingly, ‘Pussy Riot’ spelt their name in English. By contrast during his interview with Amanpour, Sergey Lavrov admitted that English was not his native tongue, thus openly qualifying his remarks on the subject.

Mr. Lavrov responded to Amanpour’s leading question in the following way,

There are so many pussies in your presidential campaign on both sides, that I prefer not to comment about this”.
Sergey Lavrov is known as a man not to lose his cool. In spite of anti-Russian hysteria being pummelled at him from all directions he remains scholarly and gentlemanly. Nevertheless, Amanpour lost her cool at this point, laughing uncontrollably. Here’s why.

English, whilst it is a universal lingua franca, has its peculiarities. English is a rich language, but because of its diversity and the double-meanings implied therein, it is a language rife with manifold interpretations.

In the year 2016 the word pussy can mean the following

A domesticated cat
A weak, timid and cowardly man or woman
A female’s genitals
Mr. Lavrov was clearly clever enough to understand all three possibly meanings. From the context of his remarks however, it is clear what he means.

Mr. Lavrov indicated that the US election has descended into a battle of weak, timid and cowardly individuals. Incapable people, petty people, hysterical people, unintelligent people. And this is how the world perceives it.

The Russian Foreign Minister has simply articulated the overriding weight of world opinion in a simple yet powerful sentence.

Most people see the US election as a farce: a Democratic nominee who is so intellectually weak that she blames all of her personal and professional shortcoming on Russia.

The world also sees a Republican party so hell bent on following her down the path to war that they are sabotaging their own nominee and a public so ill informed that one could vote for war under the pretence of voting for peace.

It is indeed a pussy riot. A gaggle of hyenas queuing up to bounce on very real lions.

Whilst in 2005 Donald Trump used the word ‘pussy’ to mean female genitalia, the current pussy riot in the election is a race to the bottom; a supercilious and frivolous competition to see who can be the weakest spirit whilst appearing the most rhetorically belligerent.

In this sense there is a parallel to the Pussy Riot who insulted the Russian spirit. The political pussies in America debase the Constitution of the United States, they spit in the face of ordinary people, and they have no regard for the dignity of traditional institutions. They are petty, barbarous and cruel, to quote a line from the film Lawrence of Arabia.

In this sense Russia’s pussies are not so far removed from America’s pussies. The difference is that in Russia they are dealt with in law courts, whilst in America they may soon have their hands on the nuclear codes.

Donald Trump is many things, but one thing he is not is a political pussy. He may have used the word in a different context, but it is not one which threatens global stability.

It would be nice if a man of Sergey Lavrov’s character could be in charge of America. But instead it is a battle of pussies. Choose wisely…

Here is the full CNN interview

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