Friday 28 October 2016

Russia's nuclear attack drill

Caught On Tape: How Russian Soldiers Prepare For Nuclear War

27 October, 2016

The first images of the Russia's recent nuclear attack drill have been released, confirming the massive scale of the preparations...

An unprecedented 40 million Russian citizens, as well as 200,000 specialists from "emergency rescue divisions" and 50,000 units of equipment took part in a four day-long civil defense, emergency evacuation and disaster preparedness drill last week, the Russian Ministry for Civil Defense reported on its website.

As The Sun reports, radiation-ready Russian soldiers prepare for nuclear war in the first footage to emerge of a terrifying practice drill involving up to 40 million people.

Emergency services wore hazchem suits and gas masks during the four-day trial run in Moscow.

Soldiers dressed in hazchem gear carry victims of an attack away from the scene.

Up to 40 million people were involved in the terrifying drill, organised following deteriorating relations between Russia and the West. Soldiers were seen carrying away ‘victims’ of a nuclear attack while civilians scampered into protective tents.

More than 200,000 emergency service staff are believed to have taken part in the dill.

Moscow’s entire population of 12 million would be able to fit into refurbished underground shelters, Russian authorities confirmed.

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