Sunday 30 October 2016

More outrages in North Dakota

Real Video from Friday in North Dakota, for those who have strong stomachs and some sense of Justice

Oped News
29 October, 2016

This is really sickening footage from North Dakota, but you need to watch it now and share it widely with your friends and groups, please.

Shame, shame....I truly feel shame for my nation of oppressors, and shame turns to anger. These protesters have no weapons, only their moral high ground, their prayers, and their long history, all together so reminiscent of what M.K. Gandhi had in India, 70 years ago, leading to the British leaving India.

With this footage, it is important above all to send it to friends and to editors aand media in other nations. The outrage must become even more INTERNATIONAL than it already is....

Little or none of this is appearing on any mainstream media, just a video on the UN Rights of Indigenous Peoples which 3+ millions have watched.

What you will see in this video is what is really going on, the true front line. They are heavily armed, using pepper spray in aggressive ways that it is not supposed to be used, using tasers and violence.

(image by Unicorn RIot TV)   License   DMCA

I hope millions internationally see how North Dakota and the corporations are treating the people whose only crime was that they were here first.

I don't know what the solution really is, other than Obama ordering a complete cessation of the pipeline construction. Bernie Sanders has made clear that he supports the native defenders and wants to put a stop to the Dakota Access Pipeline. He is only one Senator: ask yours to help soon!

This is turning from an outrage to a massive sense of shame for what our nation is becoming.

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