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Kim Dotcom weighs in on Hillary email scandal

Hillary Clinton Email Scandal: Kim Dotcom Says Deleted Mails Can Be Recovered

27 October, 2016

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s email controversy may be far from over, if internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom is to be believed. The man wanted by the U.S. on copyright infringement and money laundering charges said on Twitter Thursday that all of Clinton’s “permanently deleted” emails can, in fact, be accessed. Legally.

Clinton had deleted all emails from the private server she was using when she was serving as secretary of state. Copies of mails she considered work-related were saved and shared with a State Department investigation, which blocked the release of some of those mails till after the presidential election. An FBI investigation unearthed more of her emails, over 100 of which had classified information, but the agency decided not to bring any charges against her.

But about 32,000 emails were never handed over by Clinton to anyone, messages she said were personal and permanently deleted from her server. It is precisely those messages that Dotcom says can be retrieved.

I know where Hillary Clintons deleted emails are and how to get them legally . 100% true. Retweet.

The X-Keyscore, or XKS, that Dotcom is referring to is a computer system, once secret, that the NSA uses for searching and analyzing global internet traffic and data. According to Dotcom, access logs of XKS (a list of everything accessed using the XKS system) never disappears, and therefore, all of Clinton’s emails accessed by the NSA will still be on the server.
On his Twitter account, Dotcom also says he knows how the XKS system works because the New Zealand government had used it to spy on him. And to provide more credence to his claim, he even says a former NSA consultant, whistleblower and another man wanted by the U.S. government — Edward Snowden — would agree with him.

If you have questions about NSA spy cloud and X-Keyscore you may ask for assistance. He can confirm that NSA likely has HRC emails.

Dotcom’s claim rests on the assumption, however, that the NSA certainly accessed Clinton’s emails while she was using a private server when she was secretary of state. And with WikiLeaks already releasing, in batches, all of her emails, the point Dotcom is making is that there is a way to access them without hacking.
The point I'm trying to make is that there is a 'legal' route to access all HRC emails even if should release them.

From the infamous Rush Limbaugh

The Kim Dotcom Theory

28 October, 2016


RUSH: This is Jim in World Series Chicago.  Great to have you on the program, sir.  Hello.
CALLER:  Thanks, Rush.  I appreciate it.  I think I can connect a few the dots here for you on the FBI investigation.  Let me give you a little background just very quickly.  Your question: Why now for the FBI?  WikiLeaks has been releasing these emails and they have been progressively getting worse as they have been going along. But, as you recall, they've only been about Hillary.  They haven't been her emails, and that's been the big thing, not her personal emails.  Now, there's a guy on Twitter, he's a genius, Kim Dotcom.  I sent you an email link of his stuff. 

Two days ago, he released a tweet, sent it to Trump, to Gowdy, and Sean Hannity saying how they could -- how he could -- access Hillary Rodham Clinton's email.  Step one, go to  Step two, contact Mike Rogers.  Number three, ask Mike to go here and input this selector, her email address.  He claims that all seven years of emails will be on there in the NSA spy cloud in Utah.  He said that the Congress or Senate can get these with a subpoena. 
I tweeted out to Senator (sic) Chaffetz I think what was gonna happen is that the Kim Dotcom... These emails were gonna come out showing Hillary's emails.  I think that the Obama administration got wind of it, realized that their last chance to get ahead of this would be to have Comey come down now and say, "Hey, we just looked in someplace. We didn't know they were there. She bleached it from her computer," and to get ahead of this...  Give you a little background, Kim Dotcom, the entertainment industry alleged because of his mega upload --
RUSH:  Hold a minute.  We're getting in the weeds here.  Your theory is that Comey came forward today why?
CALLER:  Because this guy, Kim Dotcom, he's on Twitter --
RUSH:  No, no. I know Kim Dotcom has directed everybody to Hillary Clinton's 33,000 emails. So is your theory that Kim Dotcom has enabled people to find Hillary Clinton's 33,000 emails, the Obama administration knows the jig is up, and, to protect themselves, they're sending Comey out to take her out?  Is that what you're saying?
CALLER:  Well, the jig is going to be up.  In other words, if they didn't front load it to come out now, they were gonna release -- Assange, WikiLeaks -- Hillary's emails next week, the actual emails.  So I think they're coming out ahead of time saying, "Hey, we just found this place we didn't look at before. The FBI didn't have access to the NSA," or whatever they're gonna say, "and now this is the new stuff, we actually found her actual emails, Hillary's actual emails," which as you know, we haven't seen. We've only seen everybody else's about her. So I think we're just getting ahead of it, realizing the jig is up.
RUSH: Okay, getting ahead for what reason?  To protect her, to throw her overboard, to protect Obama? For what reason?
CALLER:  I think it's to protect Obama.
RUSH:  Protect Obama.
CALLER:  He had to cut her off because --
RUSH:  So you think that this is about throwing Hillary overboard to protect Obama?
CALLER:  Correct, because they realize that WikiLeaks had her emails. They were gonna come out, so they needed to get ahead of the story before the public sees those emails.
RUSH:  Okay.  Let me take it from here, since I know exactly what you're talking about.  We've got a break coming up, but I will translate this.  He knew he was under a time crunch here; he was trying to get a lot of things in when he knew it was limited time.  We'll take a break. I will come back and I will tell you what his theory is involving Kim Dotcom -- a massive hacker, one of the greatest hackers in the history of hackery -- and Hillary's 33,000 emails (that are somewhere), and Julian Assange claiming that his next dump will get her arrested.
RUSH:  Okay.  Let me bring you up to speed on the allegations or the suggestions made by our last caller.  Kim Dotcom, if you want to know who this guy is, think Napster times 100.  Kim Dotcom established essentially a company, an outfit, a company called Megaupload.  He was accused of costing the entertainment industry $500 million by putting unlicensed content on the Megaupload site. Movies, music, TV shows, you know, the stuff that when you play a DVD or a digital copy there's a giant FBI warning that you could go to jail for 15 lifetimes if you copy it. 
That's what he did, $500 million of fraud.  The legal case does involve -- even though he's a citizen of New Zealand.  He was born in West Germany.  The United States got involved in his pursuit and was instrumental in him losing everything.  He is an accomplished hacker.  His real name is Kim Schmidt.  He was born in 1974.  He founded this file hosting service called Megaupload. He was accused of criminal copyright infringement and tons of other charges: money laundering, racketeering, wire fraud by the U.S. Department of Justice. 
In January of 2012 the New Zealand police raided his home in Auckland, New Zealand, placed him in custody in response to the U.S. -- he's not a U.S. citizen.  He ended up losing practically everything because, in his view, of the United States.  So he reportedly has a relationship with Julian Assange that they have common ground, and that is exposing the high and mighty and bringing them down.

Now, Kim Dotcom, I first got wind of this two nights ago in a super-secret phone call.  Kim Dotcom, the caller was right.  In all of these Podesta emails there's not a single Hillary Clinton email in the bunch, if you have noticed.  It's Podesta emailing everybody, the DNC, everybody in the Hillary campaign, but there are no Hillary Clinton emails in this Podesta dump.  We are at -- what's the number?  We're at 50,000 or 30,000 Podesta emails.  This guy was a prolific emailer. 
There are tens of thousands of them so far, and none of them are Hillary's.  Remember, she had 60,000 on her server.  She turned 30,000 of them over and said the other 30,000 were nobody's business 'cause they're about yoga and her daughter's wedding and wedding registry and reception and stuff like that.  Along comes, to get to the short version of the story, Kim Dotcom alleging he knows where those 33,000 emails are. 
They were not destroyed. Hillary may think they were, but they are somewhere in the hands of the National Security Agency, the NSA.  And he was offering anybody who cared a way to get them.  He was offering people a route.  He was claiming he knew how to get them.  So our caller's theory is that that's what the FBI has now become aware of, is Hillary's emails that they were led to believe had been destroyed, Hillary deleted them, remember, with a cloth.  She wiped the server.  "Oh, you mean like with a cloth?" she said.  Then we later learned that the bleach bunch did it.  But they're there. 
And if they're there, if they're somewhere, there's something in them she doesn't want anybody to see.  Along comes Kim Dotcom who's got an axe to grind with the U.S. government, the Obama administration.  He knows Assange.  So the people -- nobody knows -- this is all speculation.  What's going on here is that Kim Dotcom has worked with Assange and is really the hacker.  It's not the Russians. 
Vlad has nothing to do with it, and furthermore, the fact that the Russians have nothing to do with this and Obama and Hillary are running around blaming 'em is really irresponsible and playing with fire.  You blame the Russians for interfering in a U.S. election when they're not doing it and you expect 'em just to look the other way and claim, "Well, it's politics.  We know how the Americans do it."  This is not the way Putin reacts.  Putin does not react to being falsely accused of doing things like this, and he's not happy about it.  It's irresponsible for Obama and the Democrats to be doing this. 
Assange has now said that he's got tons more emails coming next week and that what's coming next week will get her arrested.  As I say, I was getting bits and pieces of this as far back as two nights ago.  So we get this caller who wants to talk about it, and I'll share with you what I know.  I can't vouch for any of this, other than who Kim Dotcom is and has the ability to do this.  Whether he actually knows where Hillary's emails are and can direct people to it, somebody knows whether that's true or not. 
But Assange is saying what he's saying.  And Assange has said it's not the Russians that are giving him this data.  And it's true that all this data does not have one Hillary Clinton email in it.  At some point Assange claims that what you're gonna see will be Hillary Clinton emails, and in the middle of all this is when Comey comes along and says, "You know what?  We've come across additional emails, may reopen the investigation."  So it puts all of this in a different light. 
So our caller was suggesting maybe Obama, the Democrats, it's now time to throw her overboard to protect themselves by not standing in the way of the FBI doing its investigation and conclusion, 33,000 emails.  I don't even want to go there.  That's caller speculation, and anybody can call here and say anything, and it could end up being right, but that's generally the kind of speculation I try to avoid throughout my entire career.  I have no idea.  We just have to watch all this play out. 
Something is clearly going on.  This is unprecedented for the FBI to apparently close an investigation, reopen it with, what, 11 days left before an election.  It's bombshell stuff and the Democrats are not happy.  

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