Monday, 3 October 2016

Reports from Aleppo -09/02/2016

Aleppo's War Battlefield Update 1st October 2016, Syria

Progress report from East Aleppo

Yes! The Syrian Arab Army and its allies have established complete control over Al-Kindi Hospital, Syria's oldest public medical facility, and are now blitzing through the key eastern Aleppo regions of Al-Heluk, Bustan al-Basha and Sakhur. 

If these three areas are liberated, and no doubt they will be soon, the terrorists will be totally trapped in a small pocket of southeastern Halab with zero chance of even escaping, let alone overturning the progress of the SAA. 

This is precisely the reason that the Syrian Arab Army announced today to the mercenaries occupying eastern Aleppo that they will be granted aid and safe passage if they lay down their arms. 

Whether the "moderate rebels" and their NATO-GCC backers accept this truly humanitarian proposal remains to be seen. What is clear however is that the battle for Aleppo City is about to end with an epic, historic victory for our brave men--very much to the chagrin of warmongering John Kerry.

West Aleppo today

#Aleppo. West Aleppo today, attacks on a popular residential area, bewildered civilians as another shell falls in the Al Midan

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