Friday 22 February 2013


Energy Stories

"Pakistan State Oil may default on payments due this month unless state-run companies at least partially pay for their oil, a spokeswoman said on Thursday, putting energy supply at risk and threatening increased blackouts ahead of key elections."

"In Carlsbad, the nation's largest desalination facility will require lots of energy — and money. It is expected to provide no more than a tenth of San Diego County ratepayers' overall water supply."

"South Korea will increase domestic rates of gas by 4.4 percent on average from Friday, to reflect higher costs of natural gas and recoup part of the hefty losses of state-run Korea Gas Corp (KOGAS), the economy ministry said on Wednesday."

"The brewing oil war between Iraq's central government and a defiant Kurdistan are forcing Baghdad to downsize its ambitious plans to quadruple oil output."

"The Washington Post is surprised by the ‘mysterious’ high cost of gasoline in the US but does not mention in this article that the US government, at the insistence of the Israel lobbies, reduced Iran’s petroleum exports by 40% in 2012 by strong-arming countries to leave it in the ground and not import it on threat of third-party US sanctions."

"Rig owner Transocean said it set a record for the deepest water depth by an offshore rig off the eastern coast of India."

"The government and a Japanese consortium, including shipbuilders and heavy machinery makers, plan to develop a giant floating structure off Brazil that can accommodate up to 200 offshore oil and gas rig workers."

"A great energy transition is coming. Will it mean a better day for humanity, or turmoil? First in a series."

"Wall Street drives the shale boom like it did the housing mortgage scandal: report."

"If a country spends $92 billion in three years to get its hands on energy resources outside its borders, then what is a good return on that investment?"

"Solid Energy is in talks with bankers after admitting its finances have continued to deteriorate."

"Colombia only has enough oil to last another eight years and must urgently step up exploration efforts to locate more reserves, Finance Minister Mauricio Cardenas said."

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