Friday, 3 June 2016

Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders - BOTH Corporate Puppets and War Mongers

We all know about Killary Clinton but what about Bernie Sanders?

Before we get too starry-eyed about Bernie Sanders it might be worthwhile looking at some of the facts and to understand why many Russians think that Donald Trump is the better option for them.

Ralph Nader Exposes Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders... Corporate Puppets and War Mongers

Chris Hedges speaks with former presidential candidate Ralph Nader. Together they analyze the historic role of third parties in the US, and trace how such political alternatives have been shut out by a corporatized, dictatorial two-party system. Nader and Hedges also discuss Bernie Sanders’ campaign, and his capitulation to the Democratic establishment.

Jeremy Scahill: Clinton is Legendary Hawk, But Sanders Shouldn't Get Pass on Role in Regime Change

Democracy Now

Has Bernie Sanders been given a pass on his own record on regime change?

Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald weigh in on comments from Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her rival, Bernie Sanders, who have both supported the use of drones. Scahill notes that while Clinton is often portrayed as a more hawkish "cruise missile liberal," Sanders also supported regime change in the 1990s. "Bernie Sanders signed onto neocon legislation

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