Tuesday, 4 October 2016

What is the Obama administration planning?

This is just the opinion of one man but I think it is of great importance

Is the Obama Administration Planning an Attack On Damascus?

Israeli News

Is Obama Administration Planning an Attack On Damascus? 

The question may have more reality than you may realize with the latest escalation between Russia and the Obama administration. 

John Kirby announced that The US has withdrawn from bilateral communication regarding Syria and are pulling out their personnel. 

In leaked conversation with Syrian citizens New York Kerry speaks about his frustrations over Syria and a solution but also how the current situation in Aleppo has taken a turn. 

Kerry says that to make a no fly-zone would mean taking out Russian air-defenses first. Russia oddly enough has a Nuclear drill planned for 40 million citizens across the country starting tomorrow.

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Emergencies Ministry holds training on civil defense with the participation of 40 million people

Russian Emergency Situations Ministry will hold the All-Russian exercise of civil defense, in which more than 40 million people will be involved, according to RIA "Novosti".

This was told the director of the Emergency Situations Ministry of Civil Defence Department Sergey Manuilov. October 4-7

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