Sunday, 16 October 2016

US Military Prepares For All Out War Amid Syrian Standoff

As far as what is happening with regard to Russian-US relations and the seeming move towards World War 111 we are operating in the dark unless you like to take your news from Pravda-on—the- Potomac (CNN).

We have to take intelligence from where we can even if sometimes the sources are not totally trustworthy.

I do not stake my reputation on the veracity of stories like the follow one.

In terms of the story below if this passes and nothing happens we will be none-the-worse for it. But generally, talking for myself I’d rather know.

I have to acknowledge Stephen Ba-Noon of Israeli News. I have learned some important intelligence early on through him that has turned out to be worthy of being taken very seriously. So while he seems to be guided by some biblical prophecy (a future invasion of Israel by Obama for instance today) he seems to have his head well-and-truly screwed on when it comes to this so I will continue to look at his broadcasts on a regular basis.

FAA Warns Pilots: No Flying Parts of Montana on Saturday - "ROCKET LAUNCHES!" The only rockets in Montana are NUCLEAR Missiles!
The Federal Aviation Administration has issued a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) restricting aircraft from certain areas of Montana on Saturday due to "ROCKET LAUNCH ACTIVITY."  The only rockets in Montana are NUCLEAR MISSILES!

15 October, 2015

There are no missile test areas in Montana.  There are no space launch facilities for NASA or any private space company.  The ONLY "rockets" in Montana are United States Nuclear Missiles.  The real ones.  In silos.  Armed with Multiple Independant Re-Entry Vehicles (MIRV).  Each missile is armed with at least eight of these MIRV's.  Each MIRV is at least a 100 kiloton nuclear warhead.  Each warhead can be targeted to a separate target.  So each single rocket can wipe out eight cities anywhere on this planet, within 30 minutes of launch.

Direct link to FAA Web Site Notice HERE

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