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Questions over the November election

Result of November presidential election already fixed: Trump

12 October, 2016

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has cast doubts over the validity of the result of the November election, saying “it’s a total fixed job.”
Trump made the remarks in an interview with Fox News on Tuesday night, after two days of his heated debate with Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.
Trump complained that he is not getting a fair coverage from US media outlets because the entire media, except for a very few journalists, are on the side of Clinton, who he said is “a phony person.”    
“The press is an extension of Hillary Clinton. I mean it's a part of the rigged system,” the billionaire businessman said.
"The press is a total extension. If Hillary Clinton didn’t have the press right now, she wouldn’t be running, she would have lost immediately. If she didn’t have the press on her side, and it’s a total fixed job, if she didn’t have it, she’d be at 10 percent right now. Nobody wants her,” Trump added.
He said media people do not like him because what he stands for, and have launched a coordinated attack on him.
Trump said, “Before I ran I used to get great press. My wife said the other day, ‘You never used to get a bad story.’ Well, I got some but I got a very few. Now I can be on the front page of The New York Times in three different stories, and every one of them is a hit job. It’s a very unfair press.”  
“I knew it would be bad but I didn’t know this bad. I used to talk ‘Oh boy, I’m going to get hit,’” he stated.

US Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (R) and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump appear during the town hall debate at Washington University on October 9, 2016 in St Louis, Missouri. (Photo by AFP)

Speaking at rally in Pennsylvania on Monday, Trump also expressed concerns that the election could be stolen from him.
“Watch other communities because we don’t want this election stolen from us,” Trump said. “We do not want this election stolen from us.”
In an interview with Press TV, American scholar Dr. Kevin Barrett had warned that Trump could be taken out physically or attacked quite brutally in the media because the US establishment does not trust him, and consider him a loose cannon.
“Donald Trump is getting a little bits and pieces of truth, but the full truth probably is too politically explosive for Donald Trump to ever tell -- not that it would help him politically to tell it, because he would be immediately shut down and taken out -- whether physically, by being killed, which certainly could happen, or by being attacked quite brutally in the media,” Dr. Barrett predicted earlier this year.

US Senator John McCain (L), R-Arizona, US Senator Kelly Ayotte (C), R-New Hampshire, and US Senator Lindsey Graham (R), R-South Carolina, talk during a press conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, February 24, 2016. (Photo by AFP) 

Several Republican lawmakers, including Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, have warned Trump against making claims that the 2016 election will be rigged.
“I don’t think leading candidates for the presidency should undercut the process unless you have a really good reason,” said the South Carolina senator.
Senator McCain, the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, advised Trump to go "go out there and try to win the election."
"If Mr. Trump is up 10 or 15 points on Election Day and ends up losing, then maybe he can raise some questions," he said

McCain and Obama BOTH admit 2016 election is rigged?

By Kevin BarrettVeterans Today Editor


13 October, 2016

In a stunning bipartisan admission, President Barrack Obama and Sen. John McCain reportedly have revealed that the outcome of the upcoming presidential election has been essentially decided in advance, and that the pre-ordained winner – barring an act of God – will be Hillary Clinton.
McCain’s reported remarks echoed Obama’s statement in August that Trump will be declared the loser, and will not even be allowed to raise questions, unless he is at least 10 or 15 points ahead:
If Mr. Trump is up 10 or 15 points on Election Day and ends up losing, then maybe he can raise some questions,” President Obama stated on August 4th according to Reuters. (McCain expressed the same sentiments yesterday according to Press TV.)

The official admission that Trump will not be alowed to even “raise questions,” much less claim victory, unless he is “up 10 or 15 points” speaks volumes about American elections. If you win by less than 10 or 15 percent, they will steal the election from you – as Bush/Cheney did when Kerry won by roughly 54% – 46% in 2004, but had the result nullified by rigged voting machines. The cyber expert who rigged the machines, Mike Connell, was killed in an engineered plane crash shortly before he was scheduled to testify in court against Karl Rove.
Whoever rigs the election for Hillary would be well-advised to stay out of courtrooms and small planes.
In light of the political lay of the land, as well as likely Establishment control of major polling outfits, the chances of Trump being “up 10 or 15 points” on Election Day are less than negligible. Thus we already know the official outcome – Hillary Clinton will be declared the winner, and Trump’s questions will be ruled off-limits – even if Trump were to win a solid 8-point popular vote victory and Electoral College landslide, as Kerry did in 2004.
The Establishment declaration that Trump will be declared the loser, and denied the right to ask questions, if he is not “up 10 or 15 points” on Election Day confirms Trump’s position that US elections are routinely rigged, and that Trump himself will likely lose a rigged election this November.
Trump has increasingly been calling attention to the problem of election fraud. In last Sunday’s debate, Trump declared that Hillary stole the Democratic Primary from Bernie Sanders. That happens to be true, as I explained in a July Press TV interview. Now he is repeatedly claiming that the November election will probably be rigged against him. Here, too, Trump is speaking an unspeakable truth.
I am not a huge fan of Donald Trump. I don’t think he is the right person to lead the Second American Revolution. But I do appreciate the way he routinely drops “truth bombs” on the Establishment, blowing up the mendacious mainstream machine and paving the way for the Revolution that, I hope and pray, will be led by a better man than he is.

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