Saturday, 1 October 2016

IMF Announces The Yuan as additional Global Reserve Currency

IMF sets new SDR currency amounts to reflect yuan entry

30 September, 2016

The International Monetary Fund said on Friday it set new relative amounts of the currencies in its Special Drawing Rights currency basket, reflecting the entry of China's yuan for the first time on Saturday.

The IMF said each SDR, the Fund's unit of account, will be made up of 0.58252 U.S. dollars, 0.38671 euros, 1.0174 Chinese yuan, 11.900 yen and 0.085946 pounds sterling. The relative amounts reflect weightings determined last year based on average exchange rates over the past three months. The amounts are now fixed for five years.

IMF Announces The Yuan as additional Global Reserve Currency

Israeli News

IMF announces a new reserve currency and more evidence surfaces that indeed US, Turkish, Saudi, Qatar, and Israeli special officers were working in Syria at the time that Sputnik Arabic claims that a Russian Missile struck and killed a secret bunker where these groups were directing attacks on Syrian Army.

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