Sunday, 2 October 2016

A rant from sane Progressive

Clinton Will Be Installed As More Effective Evil; We are Having Wrong Conversations

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As the corporate and social media pundits chatter about pragmatism and the lesser of two evils, we are having the entirely wrong discussion. It is Clinton, not Trump that has the backing of the neo-liberal fascists and neo-conservative alike. And, a debunking of the lesser of two evil myth that keeps Americans locked into supporting unacceptable politicians and call out to the hypocrisy of those who gleefully bash Trump supporters. Time to look in the mirror.

Clinton looks to snag pappy Bush with a LONNNNNNNNNNNG list of neo-conservative war hawks and Republican power players:
Legislation Introducted to Put Elections Under Department of Homeland Security:
Aspen Security Group put out Propaganda Memo to Act for DHS to take Over Cybersecurity on Unsubstantiated Russia Threat:
This, right after James Clapper states source of leaks/hacks remain unknown and tells everyone to stop hyperventilating over Russia:
Jullian Assange, Interview on Seth Rich as Alleged Wikileaks Source:
Please see my channel for full series on DHS bid to insert themselves into US election process and cybersecurity
War Drums are beating - most important video of the week from C-Span. LINKS AND SOURCES LIST BELOW: CLICK SHOW MORE
C-span video to share far and wide:
Sane Progressive Video on Aleppo Boy with MANY important sources that are relevant to the claims and discussion in this video- please see the video description box for the full library of pertinent links HERE:
Common Dreams Article on Israel Facebook Censorship:
Peace Council Traveled to Syria - Warn of US Propaganda Campaign:
Bill ENCOURAGING Trump to Get Into Politics at the Time Trump was Deciding to Get into Race:
Corporate Media Owners Fund Raising for Hillary Clinton:
Election Fraud Blog:
Sane Progressive Videos on Russia/DNC/Department of Homeland Security (each with full library of individual sources and much more specifics on these tactics)
On Homeland Security
On Red Baiting:

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