Sunday, 10 February 2019

Nelson fire update - 02/10/2019

40 km/hr winds were feared today which would have put the town of Richmond into direct danger.

That did not eventuate.

Nelson fire live updates: Day 6

Tasman fire evacuees will have to stay out of their homes for several more days, despite better conditions in the fire zone today.
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New Zealand Defence Force firefighters combat the Richmond fire near Nelson. Photo: Facebook / NZDF

10 February, 2019

It had been feared winds of 45-kilometres an hour would test control lines and threaten property, but so far they have reached only 20km/h.

During this afternoon's Civil Defence briefing, Nelson Tasman Civil Defence group controller, Roger Ball, said on the whole the day had gone pretty well.

"However I emphasize that the overall assessment is that the risk remains high and residents of all evacuated areas should expect to be out of their homes for some days to come.

"We will of course continue to assess the situation constantly and we will update residents and the community with information as it comes to hand."
Mr Ball said the focus of the afternoon has been to allow residents access to their properties in the four valleys - Teapot, Sunrise, Pigeon Valley and Eves.

About 3000 people have already been evacuated from Wakefield and the Eves, Teapot, Redwood and Pigeon valleys but emergency services have put 400 residents of Wai-iti on notice for possible further evacuations today.

There is a ban on the use of machinery that might strike a spark. Prohibited activities include harrowing, gas cutting, welding and all use of chainsaws and scrub cutters.

Residents with animals on the south side of the cordoned area are advised to join a special livestock convoy to take them to the Richmond showgrounds.
Civil Defence's briefing this morning:

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  1. I live in Hamilton, ive watched every live piece of news on the fires in Nelson since Tuesday. Ever hour i listen for any changes in the weather,affected areas, areas that will be affected, evacuations and also the volunteers. I have 3 grown daughters with their partners and families (15 grandchildren in total)and my youngest son living in the Richmond and Stoke area, yes we are greatly worried for them, mainly because my husband and l are not there with them. I am personally and greatfully thankful for the peoples of the communities giving their time to help in all areas since day 1.The fire has not reached them and that's because our firefighters wont allow it. I know that everything has not calmed down yet but thankyou to all those involved in looking after (not just mine) all our families and friends down in Nelson.