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American voices warning of war

This is as far as I can tell a right-wing republican site. It illustrates that some voices in the US are taking the possibility of war seriously as the Russians can

Fuel Tankers to the Middle East-War Is Very Close


15 October, 2016

I can count on one hand the number of times I have ever issued an emergency alert based upon breaking news. However, the following has come to me from a most reliable source and I have partial confirmations.

There is no time for embellishments, so I will get right to the point.

War May Be Starting Soon

American fuel tankers have just gone airborne as of this morning, to the Middle East, for refueling our fighters and bombers which would be presumably conducted a series of non-stop bombing missions. This is an undeniable first step preparation for war. If these actions are carried out to their logical conclusion, we can expect to hear an announcement that our Air Force has carried out attacks upon the Syrian Army.

It will be at this point that the Russian field commanders will make a decision if they will start World War III by shooting down American planes and killing American pilots.

This information coincides with information that I obtained four years ago that I updated and republished last night. I had a conversation with a source which told me that a Russian attack upon Alaska, is anticipated.  The Russians have been propositioning military assets for at least the four years that I have been reporting on this issue. I feel compelled to ask a key question:

Why would there be a fear of being attacked in Alaska if the US was not planning to make a provocative move in the Middle East?

Clearly, the anticipated retaliatory attack in Alaska is expected by our leaders because they are making a move on Syria.

Additionally, I have been that cyber attacks are on the rise between our enemies, the Russians and Chinese, and the United States. I have been in possession of this information since only this morning.

Further, I have learned that our drone bases have come under heavy attack on computer networks. 

Without hesitation, I can state these are preparations that would be made, only if war was imminent.

In the long history of the United States, we have been here before (e.g. the Cuban Missile Crisis) and cooler heads have prevailed. However, the prospects for peace seem bleak at this point.

My advice to all, right now, is to make all necessary and proper precautions. Make sure you have your food, water and all of the rest of your needed supplies, because when the shooting starts, there is a good chance that nothing will be delivered.

People will ask me when this will happen, and I must say that I do not know. 

However, the outbreak of war could happen at any time. It would be a mistake to think that, if this does happen, that it will occur prior to the election. In this case, there will be no election

Pray for peace!

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