Monday, 6 June 2016

The Brexit campaign in the UK

EU referendum: Telegraph 
subscribers say they back a 
In a survey of Telegraph subscribers, 69 per cent of 
people say they will vote Leave

More than two-thirds of subscribers to The Daily Telegraph will vote for Britain to leave the European Union, according to a survey.

A survey of nearly 19,000 subscribers found that 69 per cent are intending to back a Brexit at the June 23 referendum.
Those surveyed also overwhelmingly back Boris Johnson to become the next leader of the Conservative Party, with 42 per cent saying they would “prefer” him to succeed David Cameron....[ ]

Cable Plunges After "Leave" Voters Overtake "Remain" In Latest Brexit Poll

The volatility continues with GBPUSD trading in gappy 100 pip spikes on each and every new poll. Tonight's plunge in cable to a 1.43 handle is driven by an ITV poll showing 45% for "Leave" and 41% for "Remain."We are sure the establishment will come up with an equally pro-remain poll by the morning...
and one more:
Send cable tumbling...
Erasing all the payrolls-driven weak-USD spike from Friday.
With the vote now 3 weeks away, the 1-month-1-week vol premium has exploded as everyone buys protection ahead of the chaos...

Latest EU referendum poll: Leave leads by four points

Pound down against every major currency

The pound has fallen against every other major currency this morning, following the string of opinion polls showing the Leave side leading the referendum battle.

The currency dropped as much as 1.1% to $1.4353 on Monday and was down against all 16 major peers, while one-month volatility surged to 21.34 percent, a level last seen in February 2009.”

Bloomberg’s Garfield Reynolds writes that sterling suffered a “very ugly start” to the week:

The Green Party is the biggest supporter of the anti-democratic EU

Caroline Lucas says Brexit would threaten UK’s environmental protection and rights at work

The Green party has launched its EU referendum campaign, promising to be 
“loud and proud” about backing Britain’s membership.
Caroline Lucas, the party’s only MP and board member of the Britain Stronger in Europe group, said mobilising hundreds of thousands of Green supporters would be crucial to the remain campaign.

Before the launch in Westminster, Lucas said: “We won’t sit idly by when our environmental protections and our rights at work are threatened by Brexit. Our campaign for British membership of the EU will be loud and it will be proud.

In a fast-changing world we need international rules to control big business and finance, and to ensure that people’s rights are protected – at work and as consumers. The EU has also given us the freedom to live, study, work and retire across an entire continent.

The EU helps us look after our environment, too. It’s only by working with our European neighbours that we can tackle climate change, protect wildlife and reduce pollution. Thanks to EU rules, our beaches are cleaner and our dirtiest power stations are being shut down.”

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