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Syria and the Middle East - 06/09/2016

Syrian "Rebels" Announce First Use of the Russian "Iskander" System

Rebels and the militants from the terrorist groups "Islamic State" have reported that the Russian military contingent used the newest "Iskander" rocket system. This was reported by

In the night of June 9th, in the area of the Bab al-Hawa crossing on the Syrian border with Turkey, a powerful explosion took place from a missile attack. The border crossing is 50 km west of Aleppo.

Representatives of the terrorist group ISIS announced that the Russian Hmeymim airbase launched a tactical missile from the "Iskander" system.  The modern "Iskander" missile system is actually in service with the Russian military contingent in Syria, arriving at the Hmeymim airbase in March 2016.

Sources in the Ministry of Defense of Syria, in turn, confirmed the missile strike on militant positions near the Bab al-Hawa border crossing, but according to their message, the Soviet Tochka missile system was used to destroy the convoy of trucks that was carrying weapons and ammunition from the territory of Turkey.

MOST FEARED by US Military & NATO Military Iskander-M Missile System


9 June, 2016
The map depicts the current situation in Northern Syria. The most important developments:
  • The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces cut off the road between Manbij and Al Bab and are preparing to storm the ISIS-ctonrolled Manbij
  • ISIS peacefully withdrew from the areas near Azaz (Izaz) and Mare (Marae)
  • Assad forces launched attacks in the Mallah area, located North to the strategic Castello roa
Click to see the full-size map
Click to see the full-size map

About 100 Hezbollah accounts closed under US pressure

Governor of Bank of Lebanon Riad Salameh

9 June, 2016

The governor of Bank of Lebanon says one hundred bank accounts linked to Hezbollah members and legislators have been closed in the wake of US threats of sanctions on banks or financial institutions that do business with the Beirut-based resistance movement.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with satellite business news television network CNBC, Riad Salameh stated that Hezbollah has strongly condemned his institution’s submission to US pressure to implement a law targeting the group’s finances.

We have taken measures to implement the law, and we have laid the necessary infrastructure… Things are now on a wait-and-see mood… Whatever happens the interests of Lebanon is a priority for us,” he said, assuring that the banking access of Lebanon’s Shia community will be guaranteed.

Salameh further noted that remittances constitute one section of the Lebanese economy, representing an essential part of the country's gross domestic product (GDP).

Lebanon is a small country and the economy of Lebanon depends on the Lebanese (people). It doesn’t depend on natural resources or exports. We have a good industrial sector, but it doesn’t weigh a lot on our economy so the pillar is to keep confidence in the country.”

On May 12, Hezbollah criticized the Central Bank of Lebanon over abiding by US sanctions on banks dealing with the group, arguing that the measures violate Lebanon's sovereignty.

Hezbollah further hinted that its supporters may withdraw their money from local banks in case of such moves.

ISIS De-Facto Capital Raqqa on Verge of Collapse by Syrian Army

To watch video GO HERE

8 June, 2016

"The ISIL now faces a serious threat to its capital, Raqqa city," the sources said, adding, "However, the more immediate objective seems to be the capture of al-Tabaqa Airbase or a push Northwards to the Euphrates River; the latter move would have all ISIL-held areas in the Aleppo province cut off from the ISIS mainland."

"In the past week, about 100 ISIS fighters have been killed in Western Raqqa while government forces have advanced 45 kilometers along the Ithriya-Raqqa road," the sources added.

"With the ISIL capital under increasing pressure, the group's commanders are forced to prioritize their scarce manpower between the Manbij frontline and the Western Raqqa frontline," they went on to say.

Reports said on Tuesday that the Syrian Army troops and their popular allies continued to drive the ISIL terrorists back from two more key villages in al-Tabaqa region and deployed their fighters only five kilometers far from al-Resafeh gas field.

The Syrian government forces pushed the ISIS back from their strongholds near the villages of Khirbet Zeidan and Madakheh, which not only resulted in the liberation of the villages and claimed the lives of at least 35 militant but gave this upper hand to the Syrian army to deploy forces to the distance only five kilometers away from the gas-rich al-Resafeh region.

Military sources said that the Syrian army is resolved to capture al-Tabaqa airbase in its first phase of operation and then rush towards Raqqa city.

In case of defeating the ISIL and capture of Raqqa by the Syrian army, the ISIL supply and communication lines from Syrian to Turkey will be completely cut off, which means there will be no further smuggling of oil to Turkey from Syria, FNA reported

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