Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Headlines from Patrick Henningsen

If your'e got the time to spare this is an excellent discussion of the week's headlines

SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Oceania vs Eurasia’ with guests Pippa King, Mike Robinson, Basil Valentine

SUNDAYS – 5pm-8pm UK Time | 12pm-3pm ET (US) | 9am-12pm PT (US)

This week’s edition of THE SUNDAY WIRE is broadcasting LIVE from Devon in the southwest of England, from the former imperial port and naval powerhouse of Plymouth, England.

This week host Patrick Henningsen is joined live in-studio by UK Column editor Mike Robinson to discuss the week’s international news, including breaking updates from Syria, Yemen and Brussels.

In the first hour, we’re joined by a special guest Pippa King, co-editor of State of Surveillance, to discuss Oceania’s latest experimental anti-terror technological craze, millimeter microwave scanners, currently being rolled out in public spaces – yet hidden from public view.

We’ll discuss the potential effects on the human guinea pig target population.  In the third and final hour of overdrive we aim to connect with our roving ‘democracy correspondent’, Basil Valentine, for an update life, betting and pursuit of happy returning in the US elections, as well as the upcoming  Brexit ‘Hobson’s Choice’ referendum and TTIP.

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