Sunday, 12 June 2016

Carbon Dioxide levels

Thanks, Harold Hensel

Carbon Dioxide 06 11 2016.

CO2 collects higher in the atmosphere than methane. I saw a better definition of C02 over the Arctic Ocean and Siberia. on level 93.. Level 87 shows it too. Go to the web site and pick different layers. The Siberian peat bogs are really "killing" us.

----Harold Hensell

Level 93 is high in the atmosphere. Level 100 is about 30,000 feet. 300 to 350 ppm has been calculated by climate scientists Dr. James Hansen to be the maximum "livable" level of C02 in the atmosphere.

Anything above this and the climate heats up and becomes unlivable. There should be no pink, red, yellow, blue or any other color on this map except deep purple.

350 ppm isn't even on this map. We are headed for an unlivable climate.

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