Tuesday 31 July 2012

Guy McPherson in New Zealand

This is the video of the talk Guy McPherson gave on his recent tour of New Zealand.

Many thanks to Kate Le Comte, Andrew Rundle-Keswick, and Alison Hoffmann for producing this video

Guy McPherson in Petone.
Wellington – 6 July, 2012

26 April, 2012

Professor Guy McPherson (http://guymcpherson.com/) is is an emeritus professor at the University of Arizona School of Natural Resources, but he gave up his university post on ethical grounds to devote himself to building a Lifeboat and lecturing/educating on the collapse that faces us and is one of the key people in the Peak Oil and the Transition/Lifeboat movement.

He gave a talk at the Petone Community Library on Friday, 6 July 2012 on transitioning in the light of climate change and Peak Oil. He also had much to say about how we as communities are to respond to these challenges and transition to a Post-Carbon world.

Question and Answer session

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