Wednesday 25 July 2012

Reflections on the Batman massacre

On the Joker, Exercises and DARPA or Why What Hapened in Aurora is Very Creepy

When the News broke that in Aurora James Holmes had barged into a late night showing of the latest Batman movie shooting indiscriminately into a dark theatre after throwing in a tear gas grenade, it was generally accepted that once again a madman who picked up one of those easily available guns and engaged in a binge of mass shooting and killing mayhem for no reason other than that he could.
But now that the smoke has blown away and people are beginning to look into what happened it turns out the situation is not as clear cut as it was presented in the MSM.
Here are some links you might want to explore:
  • A school in Aurora held an exercise mirroring the events later that day in the movie theatre.
Other major events which were surrounded by exercises mirroring events were 9/11 and 7/7 to name some of the biggest.

  • James Holmes had multiple connections with institutions such as DARPA (In fact his father and grand father were connected to the army and intelligence), studied temporary illusions while a student  in neuroscience.

  • James Holmes was on Psychotropic drugs
  • It turns out that the FBI warned as early as May 17 about a theatre  attack.
  • In America these days it is not so easy to buy full body armour, automatic guns and plan events such as this as every arms sale is registered and internet spying on civilians is extensive.
  • In several news paper articles a second person is described as the person who gave him access to the Theatre.
  • James Holmes appeared heavily sedated on his arraignment.
  • The judge presiding over the Batman case, sealed the case which means public scrutiny is impossible

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