Monday 31 October 2011


This video about the use of Corexit in the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico appeared on the internet as a warning to people cleaning up the  oil in the Bay of Plenty.

I have provided it with the comments of the uploader.
Anyone who is on the RENA clean up crew should watch this! Wear masks and gloves and DO NOT TOUCH THAT STUFF!! God bless you all and our hearts go out to anyone affected by this mess. 

Did we learn ANYTHING from the Gulf Oil spill last year? 
YES! People have died from cleanup and people have died from the spill. BP dumped hundreds of thousands of Corexit to SINK the oil and then introduced a laboratory manufactured BACTERIA to eat it! This is not science fiction - this is real. DO YOUR RESEARCH please!

How crazy that COREXIT is MORE toxic than oil and makes the cleanup IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!! Am I crazy?? (((SIGH)))) what the hell is going on in the world today? All I can say is do not play the lying game and do NOT TRUST people in power to DO THE RIGHT THING! How many more mistakes can be made with the RENA grounding?

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