Saturday, 15 October 2016

The souring of US-Russia relations

We're Not in a New Cold War - It's Far Worse

Between nuclear weapons, election-time informational warfare, and the conflict in Syria, we're dancing on the edge of a volcano, says professor Richard Sakwa

Watch in Real-Time How Relations Between US and Russia Soured (Video)

Are we headed towards a new and hotter version of the Cold War?

14 October, 2016

How far can things escalate?

One moment things are cordial, the next it looks like the US is barrelling towards armed confrontation with Russia.

Take a look for yourself to see just what kind of rhetoric is coming out of Washington now aimed at Russia. The escalation seems deliberate, and now we have to wait to see if Washington is bluffing or not...and how the Russians respond.

In particular, that General at the end seemed to enjoy his roll, beating up the drums of war. It was, dare I say it - General Ripper-esque?

Putin cancels visit to Paris

Putin and French president Hollande had been scheduled to inaugurate a new Orthodox church in Paris along with a cultural center. Putin’s spokesman confirmed the cancellation adding that the visit would take place when it becomes comfortable for President Hollande. The Kremlin Spokesman denied that the visit’s cancellation reflected any international isolation of Moscow over Syria. Tensions rose between Paris and Moscow after Russia vetoed a French-drafted United Nations Security Council resolution on Syria. Speaking in the northeastern French city of Strasbourg, Hollande said he would meet his Russian counterpart at any time if it would help bring peace to Syria.

Hollande said Paris and Moscow had a "major disagreement" over Syria. The French president added that the Russian veto of the French resolution at the U-N security council prevented the cessation of the bombings and the proclamation of a cease-fire. Hollande said the main victims of the conflict are civilians. Moscow has repeatedly denied attacking civilians during its air raids in Syria, and says it targets terrorist groups.

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